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An Inspiration to Us All


I posted a link to this video on another thread but I thought I should post it for more people to see.

There’s a episode of The Fitshow, with Victor Konovalov.


Victor is the first member of the IFBB Pro Bodybuilder wheelchair division. He is also the first wheelchair bodybuilder to received a endrosement from a supplement company.

This man is incredible, his attitude to life and love of bodybuilding is truly humbling. It’s the sort of thing that sticks in my mind and makes me want to work harder in the gym.

the link isn’t working

I just tried it and it worked.

Maybe you need to wait a little longer for the video to load?

If that link’s not working try to copy and paste this to your browser:


Great news - about damned time.

Great video. He is truly inspirational. The video not only shows his physical strength, but also his phenomenal mental strength. The mental and emotional benefits of weight training are often overlooked. Thanks for posting the link.