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An Inspiration To All

Everyone here who’s still a skinny bastard needs to check out the Jackass thread in the Photo forum. Third page, second post is Big Martin. Lunch is my favorite.

ha…i am actually eating a lot mor eclean than that now…for example tonight i actually had 2 chicken sandwiches and soem waffle fries lol…rb

What, no “ton” of chocolate milk?

Oh well. Tonight I’m going too polish off half a jar of natural peanut butter and wash it down with a quart of 2% milk (dining hall doesn’t carry whole).

Martin, I was wondering what you thought about insulin resistance?

Did you notice any negative sides from all of the carbs(especially the pizzas) such as lower T, or drowsiness after meals, or diabetes?

I eat clean generally, but, I know in the past I’ve had no problem sticking in junk, especially during the day at work(I do cleaning and maintenance) so far as fat gain goes. Besides which, I’m not terribly concerned about fat. I’d rather not become obese, but, I don’t care about being ripped either.