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An Inconvenient Truth


How's this for an inconvenient truth.


So, the liberal reporter doesn't want to do the story cause it puts a negative light on left-wing environmentalist nuts? Am I getting this one right? Or is there something to do with the gun? Am I missing something or thinking too hard about it?

Whenever I have the chance I always refer to that movie as "Convenient Lie"


There is many different ways to take this, I see what you are saying but I took it as the media always trys to say the Tea Party is going to cause violence, but then one of their own ends up causing violence.


I live in Flagstaff and the police love to shut down people like food not bombs because one of the leaders might be connected to an environmentalist organization that planned to bomb something, possibly.


....and they under report it.

Very much like how they under report black on white crime, as opposed to white on black crime. Why can't we just have the news as it happens? It seems that the liberals and their political correctness have ruined yet another institution. We have to be mindful that the first victim of political correctness is the truth.