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An Inch to Your Arms in 24 Hours?


OK i saw this video on youtube and i'm wondering if it is complete bullshit as is first appears, or of there is actually something to it.

This is the link to it, check it out:

Granted it's not actually 24 hours its about 8/9 days, but still, 1 inch in 8/9 days is awesome! Looking forward to hearing you guys' feedback on this, and whether its worth a try



repeat workout number 1


doesnt Poliquin have something exactly like this even down to the banana?


wow, just use NT and CT, and you're set



Just to be clear... I'm not telling you to do it... It looks pretty worthless to me


This workout is almost identical to Charles Poliquin's One-Day Arm Cure: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_oneday_arm_cure


Charles Poliquin seems pretty worthless to me


IMO, if I were up to believe and try this method, I'm pretty sure I would end up getting more fat than muscle mass.


hey, wow, i just said that


I think the host of the video was that guy from bigger, stronger, faster who got fired from hustle flecks for saying he took gear with the fat burner he was peddling for them.

To the OP, see the thread on common sense for info on where to purchase some.


Well, I had more in there but the mods edited it. Basically said they're doing the same thing with V-Diet. They're giving a free routine with a diet using mostly their supplements.


it'll probably give u a pump, and maybe add a little bit of mass

why are u surprised that Poliquin's stuff isnt original? lol


Do it every month. 6 months = 6 inches. Done.


Has anyone tried a similar approach to other body parts?


That's a pretty bold statement. How many Olympic/Professional athletes have you trained?



Looking forward to hearing more views


Wouldnt waste your time.

Seems we have a whole PILE of people who think Poliquin is crap........... while being unable to train themselves.

Gotta love it


It doesn;t matter if its original or not it matters if it works....A lot of trainers today seem to think that going on a unicycle while doing bicep curls will build a better core and more functional muscle mass. but you see the people they train it don't work.


You do know hardly nothing new has been developed since the 5-=60's ??

Coaches just bring something back and market it.

So hardly no ones stuff is original.


6'1" or 6'2" I think, but I'm not sure.

Hell, this doesn't just go for lifting but loads of aspects of life like culture, media, etc.

All people can do when near all aspects of a topic have been previously covered is refine things.