An Improvement on a Joke I Made in the Molyneaux on Incels thread

While I still retain credit for joking about the Buckfield Mall long before this guy did, he really knocks the same basic joke I made out of the park. And in case anyone is wondering I have, in fact, visited the Buckfield Mall on several occasions. It’s only about 20 minutes away and let me tell you, it’s quite the draw.

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The last line couldn’t be more accurate. Excellent.


It really is.

There was a kid on my son’s squirt hockey team from Buckfield. He was from a massive, mixed family with lots of siblings, half-siblings and step-siblings. I couldn’t really keep track. Really nice people and the step-dad was one of my kid’s first coaches. The same dad also plays in a band and yes, they have played at the bar I bounced at. So has one of my kid’s bantam-level coaches.

Maine is the biggest small town I’ve ever lived in.

And my kid and the kid from Buckfield are still buddies today, over 12 years later.

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