An Important Note on Bloodwork

First - most of you know this already. If you are using tren and get lab draws at using labcorb your estrogen levels will be falsely high. Keep this in mind.

Second and more important - your blood levels will show you where you are at that day and that moment of the draw but will not carry over necessarily into how you feel. It can take weeks for neurological effects of hormones to take root. I have had to explain this to four patients today who have high free t but “feel” no improvement yet even though their labs show sufficient hormones. Keep this in mind guys. Don’t change your dosing or use an AI based purely on numbers. Go off how you actually feel but also don’t adjust quickly. Give your Brain a chance to catch up.


What do you think about running 200test and 100 deca as a cruise.

I think it could work. I cruise light. Around 160 a week total. But if you feel good bro hit it

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Wanted to run the following cycle.
Test prop 100mgs 2ml eod
Nnp 100mgs 1.5ml eod
Camber 0.25 mg every 4 days
Hcg 150 ui EOD

Diet at moment is strict 50/35/15 2900 cals
No alcohol, drugs or smoking

Have you ever used Helios @physioLojik