An Immature Question Regarding MAG-10!!!

I am debating whether I should use Mag-10 when I turn 18. Now I am aware that Biotest has recommended that Mag-10 should not be used by individuals under the age of 18. However, this recommendation does not suggest that the use of Mag-10 by an 18-year old is optimal. Would I be better off waiting until I am, say, 19 or 20? 21? 45?

wait until your at least 21. at 18 your already a “walking steroid”. you’re t levels are pretty much through the roof until you reach your early 20s.

blueliner is right. i bet your T levels are sky high. use this time to make gains that will last a lifetime

You are not a ‘walking steroid.’ In fact, studies have shown that T levels are normal to low at this time in our lives. Take Mag-10 unless you are a 5’5" person and your dad is 6 foot 5 or something, which obviously means you would grow more. The use of androgens stunts the growth in the long bones of the body.

I might be wrong about this(so someone correct me if so) but…

Dawg on the Porch, it’s not the use of androgens that can close the epiphyseal growth plates, but the aromatization of androgens into estrogen(which is the culprit). That shouldn’t be a problem with Mag-10 because it is not likely to aromatize.

Concerning Mag-10 use for teenagers. I would put it on par with steroids. Not because of possible side effects, but because you won’t really learn from it like you may have without it. Like taking a course in school, and no matter what you write on the test, the teacher gives you full marks(even if your wrong), would you want to bother learning the course material?
That analogy applies to most teens who really don’t know that much and are just looking for a quick fix, I realize guys on this board don’t fall into this category. I just thought I’d give my opinion.

Androgens cause a rise in E and a lowering of T. T is needed for bone growth E does seal the plates but that the higher E isnt just from aromatization. T and E are both perpetrators of negative feedback in the HPT axis thus Androgen=Estrogen

How long have you been working out? Are you still making nice gains? Are you educated on that kind of things? Though I think there’s probably not a big risk using mag-10 at 18, I don’t believe it is something that is absolutly necessary. You should still be able to make remarkable gains without any helpers. Save these for later.

I’m 18 and the only thing I am going to use at this moment is Androsol.

Its funny to me how ignorantly guys always repeat wait till you are 21-- at 18 your a walking steriod machine. But Bill Roberts has said on this forum on more than one occasion that Test levels ARE higher at 21 than 18 for males… just something to think about.

Age is only one factor to consider. More important factors since you are 18 would be training age, diet, lifestyle, training program, genes, weight, bodyfat %, etc. Don’t listen to those people that tell you to wait just b/c you are 18.