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An Imbalance Rant


I can't decide which one is worse, too low estrogen or too high. Horrible feeling either way. I introduced HCG in the final weeks of my 8 weeker, and can't seem to find the right dose anymore.
This shit can destroy you in the gym and out of it.


Oh yes. Low doses always with HCG.

Stuff is a bitch to get right, mostly trial and error with the AI.

Find the right AI dosage for your cycle, wait a few weeks, then add in HCG and readjust.

It causes very significant aromase activity. Worth it though.

Keeping the balls going has other benefits beyond just health and recovery in the PCT.


well I did, I did fine with .5mg adex every E3D. But I'm in the final 2 weeks of the cycle, and finally got my hands on some hcg. Now I can't seem to find the balance. Oh well, I'll take it day by day. Today I feel fine, so go figure.