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An Idea For Squat Training


ok so I have come up with this and want your opinions on it.Now before I get in to it let me say that I already do full ROM squats atleast once a week as well as lunges and leg press.

Ok so here is my idea, most people train there squat from the bottom up, meaning they start with a weight they can handle with full ROM for 8-12 reps and add weight from there.Now lets say the lifter wants to be able to sqaut 405.instead of starting with say 135 0r 225 or whatever they just start with 405.And instead of doing full ROM squats the lifter does partial squats, the lifter sets the pins in the power rack at say just below bent knees or about a 1/8th rep.Then does lots of sets while moving slowly and trying to do as many reps as possible without getting sloppy.

Each week moving the pins down a slot or whatever is comfertable and repeating until getting to parallel.

Also doing lots of full ROM squats with a weight light enough to focus on proper form and technique.

Your opinions please.


Bad idea. I've actually tried it. This is actually a fairly old idea. Louie Simmons injured himself doing the same thing on squat boxes.

You need to warm up no matter what the movement is. You're asking for injury.

What do you mean by most people? My warm up typically is bar x20, then sets of 5,4,3 as warm ups, then heavy triples (sheiko). Most people are doing pyramids you're saying? Please don't use them unless you're a beginner.


i wasnt implying most people warmup with 135 or 225 i meant that might be what they can squat with for reps, i was just making an example.

I warmup with bodyweight then bar then 135x20.


I don't think the OP meant not to warm up (or rather I hope). But you're right, this isn't a new idea.

OP, I think you've got it right, more or less. You start out with 10-15% above your current 1RM and do the top 1/8 of the ROM. The larger the ROM, the more frequently you can lower the pins. And of course you continue to do full ROM separately, preferably with a different variation.



Something like this???



you want this in spanish.


They are called Anderson Progressions and they seemed to work out OK for Paul Anderson.


It's an effective intensification method and it can absolutely add strength.

It isn't new, but coming up with it shows that you are thinking.


It works better if you have the strength but just not a good squatter. If someone doesn't have the muscle and strength its a good way to get them hurt or teach them to fail.


How is it a good way to get them hurt or teach them to fail?

PL'ers have been using variations of this for years. Think about board progressions on Bench. Start with a 4 board with a weight that is higher than your regular bench, work down to a 3 board, 2 board, etc. Same with Rack lockouts, set up the safety pins at a certain height, and lower them one notch each week.

People have been doing this with DL as well. Rack Pulls and Elevated Deads, starting at around knee level, and dropping the height each week until they can pull the weight from the floor.

Heavy partials are a tool in many PL'ers book. Some people change the ROM, some people change the weight.


Waterbury article about this method, using DL as an example:



I throw this in once every few months, it's very hard on the joints but I think it's a good way to toughen up the tendons and mentally get you holding bigger weights.



I think Westside does something similar to this using boxes of varying heights, like the board press. That might be easier than having the bar bounce off pins and throw you out of the groove. Just use a paralell box and add mats to get the desired height.


Well I gave them a go today and like them very much.I plan on doing this once a week and will lower the pins a slot as I progress.

One thing I found tho is walking out with a weight much heavier then I am acustomed to is tricky and I think I am gonna start doing heavy farmers walks to help strengthen my self up.

Your thoughts.


I would just stick with walking out the heavy weights. You'll get used to it pretty quick.

Farmer's walks are great, but I don't see them helping your Squat walkouts.


would box squating not be a better idea? starting with a box a couple inches above parallel and taking a inch off every week til your a inch or 2 below parallel.

i never tried it but it seems to make sense LOL


I used to think the same way but... I just realized, lets say you plan on squatting 405 as a one rep max full ROM, you start out by half a a quarter squat, your quads does most of the work, and then you quarter squat it for the second set, your quads does most of the work, and then you squat it to the type of depth where your lower leg hits parallel, your quads STILL does most of the work, and then you go to parallel for your last acclimation sets, and BOOYA!!

It's the first warm up for your hammies and ass. And for the final set, your quads were warmed up pretty well while your hammies only had one warm-up set...

Quads does most of the work the higher your squat is, assuming of course, your stance is about shoulder width.

I personally don't think it's a great idea...


In my opinion, Bad idea.Im working with a weight I cant squat to parelell.So If I go down to a box and cant come back up what do I do.The pins are there for safety and a bail out if it get to heavy.Im not gonna bounce of them Im doing a very controlled movement.I go down slow stop just before pins and hold it then up.


Im not gonna lower the pins each set im gonna lower them each week all the while still doing full ROM squats a different day.

This also came to me yesterday while doing this.What if I do the partials then immediatly do full rom with a weight i can handle for reps.Have 2 bars set up.

In between doing the partials I was doing full rom with just body weight and I felt weightless which makes me think that a weight I usually use for full rom might feel lighter as well allowing me to bang out reps.


Why can't you adjust the pins so they're in a position to dump a missed lift off a high box? I mean, you're going to be adjusting the pins anyway in your method. Just use the box a depth gauge and don't actually sit on it.