an IC method you've suggested

I tagged the issue at the end of another thread but it’s probably better to handle as a direct question:

You’ve recently suggested intra-set contrast training with compound movements as a viable functional hypertrophy method. In the interview this week, you’ve commented about one such method for biceps:

"Reps 1-2: 604 tempo
Reps 3-4: Explosive
Reps 5-6: 604 tempo
Reps 7-8: Explosive

Isometric hold (elbows 90 degrees) for max duration at the end of the set."

Would this work with bench press or squats, or would you recommend another IC method?


And what about using an prolonged eccentric(8 sec), pausing for 2-4 sec at the bottom, then a max force/speed concentric, and on the last reps a 20-30 isometric in a stretched position? Would this count as contrasting

I’ve used intra-set contrast on compound movements. I find that they are especially useful for beginners to learn the proper lifting technique while starting to introduce the concept of lifting explosively.

It is also effective to build muscle mass, so it’s a good technique to use for bodybuilders. But not so much for athletes and powerlifters which are reasonably advanced.

So for bodybuilding, 604/expl contrast are very effective. For powerlifters, not very much so. However I find that adding an isometric pause at the mid range portion of the last rep of a compound exercise to be quite effective at building more strength.

Numba, any method in which you emphasize various types of muscle contraction within a same set is contrasting…

I advise AGAINST doing contrasts that are two complicated. Especially when strength is the prime objective.

One good contrast is partner-assisted accentuated eccentrics. Using a moderate load (60-80%), lower the bar slowly WHILE A PARTNER PUSH DOWN ON IT (adding resistance during the eccentric portion). At the start of the concentric action your partner release the bar and you lift it as fast as you can.

Thank you, Christian.