An HCG Discussion

I want to know peoples personal experience with HCG. I understand it’s used as a synthetic LH hormone. To me it sounds like a wonder drug when it comes to AAS cycling and should be a huge key in proper PCT. Here’s Rich Pianas protocol part 1 & 2.

He claims that every year he comes off all AAS a month to 3 months to get his testes working properly again, claims he doesn’t loose a pound of muscle or strength by his protocol. So he says if he’s running 1.5 grams of test a week he’ll do 5,000iu of HCG every other day 1 week after his last shot. He then says if you’re running 800mgs of Test a week then 2,500iu EOD, he also disbelieves in running HCG while on cycle… I think he may have been onto something with this protocol considering he was 290-330 solid. Dr.Tony Huge from anabolic avengers claims Rich Pianas protocol is bit extreme, but also Tony has zero intentions of every completely cycling off… But is it extreme? I mean considering if you’re trying to restore the testes back to working proper condition then you’ll do what it takes to get functions online and back up & running. I’ve read of guys taking 500iu EOD claiming that works great. Personally I don’t want to peak on 750mgs of Test a week for 16wks spend all that time, money, hard work & risking my natural test levels just to peak then come off and hit rock bottom losing my hard earned gains knowing I could’ve done more to hold on to them. I want to know what people think of HCG, their protocols & experiences with it.

HCG is a wonder drug but is has nothing to do with Rich he dead from T, insulin and GH over dose. I love his YT video’s on exersizes but his advice on drugs will kill you just like it killed him.

Lol don’t believe these guys. They are on testesteron forever. However I am using hcg during my cycle with lower dosage. Because lower dosage means lower possible bad side effects and also keeping balls working is I believe better than waking them up later

Well I have no plans to run IGF, HGH, Slin & whatever gears he was shifting which was probably a stack of stuff, shit his cruise was probably 1.5g of Test alone lol. I just want to be healthy, look and feel good not be a mass monster, besides that takes years and years of use to reach those lengths and build that sort of size. Something I’m not willing to push myself to, I love to look of Frank Zane, Arnold, Franco all the classic guys. Arnold was to much damn muscle IMO but he looked great. I imagine the unhealthiest part of bodybuilding is the pre competition. I’m never gonna see a stage I just believe small large bursts of testosterone for short periods can be beneficial to my health if done properly plus I’ll look & feel great so my over all confidence & well being will be up

Personally why do you think waking them up later is not better and running it while on is best, is there a risk from doing it later? What’s your dosages like on everything if you don’t mind me asking? From what I have come to understand the Human Male testicals from Birth to age 13-14 to puberty so 0-13 years old the Male testis aren’t dropped or like asleep until puberty begins. So for 13-14 years of our lives our testicals aren’t active they’re not producing any Test. So it makes me think what would be so bad if we put them to sleep for 3-4 months and used pharmaceuticals to grow them back? Lee Preist is 40 years old, had claimed to cycle once to twice a year since age 18 or 19, his test levels are good his testicals are normal size he’s never used HCG or PCT… I’m just curious to know why you think it’s more beneficial to run HCG while on cycle instead of Rich’s method of running it one week before the last shot of test.

As iv said in previous post people really need to stop listening to these people when it comes to drug advice. Most of them are half dead and have permanently fucked thier bodies up and the one that haven’t you still shouldn’t listen to because you simply are not them. The amount of gear they take the way they take it etc does not and probably will never apply to any of us.

Well I run 800iu/wk of HCG year round. Did you have any specific questions. All it really does for me is keep my balls from aching do to TRT.

He can claim what he wants to. I have seen videos of him saying that too. Lee had good genetics, but was it good enough that he could take 1/10th of what his competition was taking? I think not. I saw a video where he claimed something like 400 test / 400 deca as his bulk cycle. I don’t buy it.

I am using 2x250 iu per week. I inject on sustanon injection day

The reason I chose to use during cycle is, if you use for pct you have to use higher amounts in shorter time

There are claims that too much can de-sync your testicles. However it is also claimed that there is no permanent de-sync

I have seen that both during cycle or post cycle hcg is suggested

It is up to you

So you only pin once a week? So also the results of HCG aren’t permanent because if you stop then what? Once you stop will your testicles rebound once again? Or by the time you stop HCG your body should be ontop of it by the time you’re done with PCT for a guy like me, you cycle year round?. I’m just curious to know what people are doing with this stuff so I can get an idea of what I should do because I understand taking AAS I potentially risk my natural testies but I want to do what I can to avoid permanent damage or low T.

Yeah I wasn’t sure if he was lying or not because it does seem he claimed he didn’t take nearly what the other guys did… or he likes to pretend that he didn’t

What do you mean by desynch your testicles this is the first of hearing that. Also the reason behind not wanting to do it twice a week is because I don’t like needles, but if I’m going to pin twice a week I might as well take the Test E & HCG twice a week together. Original plan was pin 750 Test E once a week then HCG for part of my PCT. I understand why you use HCG while on cycle because it makes it easier to get yourself back after cycle. I’m just asking all these questions to see what other people are doing so I can figure out what is best for my testicle health

Started TRT back up about 2 months ago with no HCG and my balls are just starting to ache constantly so starting back up with 250iu x 2/week which worked great during my prior 2.5 yrs on TRT eliminating the pain and atrophy.

You can use a 30 gauge slin pin for HCG. It is water based, so it will fill just fine.

HCG also works well SubQ. I inject it into my belly fat with a 1/2" long needle. No need to fear that needle.

I used to fill my test, then fill the HCG in the same syringe. What a PITA. Once I had the test in the syringe, the HCG did not fill very well (I think the oil from the test coated the ID of the needle, and made it hard to pull). I just use two syringes now.

Silly the HCG goes in first so there is no T left in the syringe or needle.

it is called as Leydig cell desensitization by human chorionic gonadotropin

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I would not use HCG for your PCT Just use Nolva. HCG will keep you shutdown. Use HCG if your balls are throbbing in pain while you are cycling. 800IU/wk divided into 2 shots of 400 each is all one needs and you don’t have to worry about your LH becoming overloaded. Guys that use HCG for dieting shoot up 3000-5000IU those are the one that F up their balls.

With your prior 2.5 years doing TRT did you manage to bring back your natural test levels afterwards or is this why you’re going back on. If so did you use HCG to help with that as well

I planned on using Nolva as part of the PCT HCG was just going to be used to grow my testicles back quickly. HCG will keep you shutdown??! I thought that substance was used to bring the testis back and sperm count up. You think large doses will screw you up as well? That’s sort of disappointing to hear as I thought it was some wonder substance but it’s only used for testicle aches?, I’m curious about Clomid? Thanks for the replies sounds like I have a lot to learn I just want to figure out the most sound method getting my testicles back on track

Why do you use HCG? Testicular pain or to combat atrophy?