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Not to throw fuel on the political fire, but the following link has some very good points made by Al Gore about the current “leadership”.

Al Gore is a moron who lost all credibility when he endorsed Howard Dean for President nominee instead of his VP running mate, Joe Liebermann. He is a washed up automaton trying to gaining some semblance of respectability by blasting an administration for the way it is handling the problems that HE ignored. is a great organization too, right up there with International Answer in terms of respectability. This is the same group that has been scaring the populace and college students into thinking the draft is going to get reinstated…and then trying to get them to blame the bush Administration for it. They make no mention of the fact that the bills proposing to reinstate the Draft are being pushed by Democrats (Charles Wrangel specifically, another stand up character), in a bullshit attempt to scare people. Forget about the fact that Rumsfeld and the Adminstration have stated that there is no need and no chance of a draft. That matters not to the Dems who are more intent on scaring up the populace and undermining our military than FACTS.

Al Gore should slink back into the backwaters of Tennessee…oh thats right, he couldnt even win his own state and therefore isnt welcome there either. HAHAh.

And to think, we are just a couple hundred votes from having him as president. Thank God.

Very good article. Aside from the liberal bashing that is going to happen here shortly, I always felt that Gore was a highly intelligent person that wanted to put the best interests of every American first. A lot of people will clearly associate him with Clinton and his misdeeds (getting blown in his office) but I think they were a little more separate than that. Overall I think Gore would have been quite a bit better than Bush. I think its too bad we’ve gotta go through all of this. This is was pre-9/11 so its hard to say what he would have done but I have to think that even with his liberal viewpoints, something would have been done as a reaction to such an event. His points about world unity gone to disparity are right on.

This doens’t mean that Kerry is better but it could mean that Bush has to go.


Contact: Christine Iverson

Washington, DC?RNC Communications Director Jim Dyke issued the following statement today in response to a speech by former Vice President Al Gore attacking President Bush.

?Al Gore served as Vice President of this country for eight years. During that time, Osama Bin Laden declared war on the United States five times and terrorists killed US citizens on at least four different occasions including the first bombing of the World Trade Center, the attacks on Khobar Towers, our embassies in East Africa, and the USS Cole.?

?Al Gore?s attacks on the President today demonstrate that he either does not understand the threat of global terror, or he has amnesia.?

I question his motives and his timing. Liberal passion, very little fact.

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Well the first World Trade Center attack happened 38 days into the first Clinton term. Unlike George Bush, Clinton did not whine like a pussy that it was all the fault of the previous president. Instead, they CAUGHT all those people and they’re all in jail with life sentences, and have provided information on other operatives.

Remember that big Millenium terrorist attack, on New Years Eve? Me neither! It didn’t happen because Clinton/Gore were competent at their jobs.

Gore’s biggest mistake was taking the high road when the Bush attack machine took the low road. Funny, we see Bush going negative on Kerry already, and the election is still 4 months away. That’s because Bush can’t run on his record or on a positive vision for the future. All Bush has is negativity and fear, but maybe that’s what America wants?

I bet Gore actually wrote this speech himself.

Compare that to Bush, boy I’d love to see him do a speech he actually wrote himself!!!

SG: Bush didn’t do anything about it either. He was on vacation leading up to 9/11. Its nitpicking bullshit again. Gore is clearly more intelligent than Bush and I think he’s probably more inclined to take the path that is most beneficial for the greatest percentage of the population. Since conservatism goes a little bit along with selfishness (self-sustinance, why should I pay for A B C (which has its merits, I personally don’t want to pay for A B C either)) its likely that his policies wouldn’t have made too many conservatives very happy. I’m not taking sides I’m just restating the obvious. Gore trashed Bush in debates relative to being educated and presenting himself in a way that made sense to people who weren’t raised on a farm or in the hills. Gore seems moderate to me. He doesn’t seem to be more interested in kissing Corporate America’s ass like Bush. Trickle down economics is the biggest crock of shit there can possibly be. Its a well known fact that wealth by and large encourages more greed. Since socialism is a fact of life and isn’t going to go away before the next ice age, I think I would rather have moderates running the government in the best interests of the country. I seriously doubt that Gore would have sat on his thumbs after 9/11, I also seriously doubt he would have been on vacation the entire month of August. Bush is an aristocrat. At this point I think a lot of Kerry supporters are probably more interested in getting rid of Bush than they are in supporting Kerry.

Yes, its true; Bush is SO BAD in some ways relative to liberal thinking that a lot of people that are going to vote for Kerry are doing it explicitly to remove Bush from office without the slightest care about what Kerry has to offer. If Mccain actually joins up with Kerry, Bush has some very serious problems on his hands. We’ll have to see how it all shakes out come November! I’m sure either way its going to be a close one.

It would be awful short considering he can’t read or write… :wink:

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