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An Excellent Reason to Train Your Neck

There has been some good communications on the coaching forum about the importance of training your neck. Yet, there’s one very good reason that has not been mentioned. The intention is related to something that most adults do every day.

What is that reason?

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So many people sit at a keyboard all day long.

Since the neck is part of your spine neck training helps my overall posture.

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Those are nice reasons, but they are not what I’m thinking about.

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Looking at the amount of car accidents and subsequent whiplash injuries , a stronger neck will significantly reduce the chances of that occurring.

Mark, yes that’s the reason I was looking for. I’ve read that 1,000 people die each week in the USA from automobile accidents and many of them happen from the blindside. In other words, the person in the car never sees the opposing car. It’s just WHAM. Your body goes one way and your head goes the other way.

So, a bigger, stronger neck can withstand more force or forces – and it just might save your life.