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An Example of Non-T Behavior

The men standing in line that let this guy go down should have their testicles removed.

I mean come on, every one of those guys had a open shot to take that dude out safely at some point during his tantrum.
…makes me mad.


I saw that on the news a couple days ago and I said the same exact fucking thing. I am so pissed off that people could just watch that happen and not do anything.

"We must always fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil that we must fear the most, and that is the indifference of good men. "

The worst thing is the big guy waits till the small guy looks away and then throws a monster cheap shot at him. It is just sickening to see the testosterone less nature of those guys, acting like there is nothing going on right next to them. If they all jump in at the same time the guy can easily be restrained. A couple of the guys in line were pretty big as well so they should have been able to knock him out with one or two shots especially when he is bending down to do more damage.

Now on the other hand, people these days are scared of getting shot or stabbed in scenarios like this. This is the perfect example of why you should carry a pistol, legally. And be able to use it to protect the life of someone else. This guy easily could have killed the kid on the phone, and honestly should have been shot right then and there. There really is no place in our modern society for people like that. Fuck 4 years in prison, after a punch or two, they guy is beaten, you pull the gun out and say thats enough, now leave. You count to three, and if he moves toward you or the kid, pull the trigger.

That is really sad. The guy is lying on the ground getting pummeled, and those other people just ignored it like nothing was going on.

What a world we live in.

They need to charge EVERYONE in the place with assault, or conspiracy to commit assault or something.
Shit, someone mentioned fear of a gun or whatever…but I’ll tell you, a chair across the back of the head would’ve slowed down the big guy.
And another one would’ve slowed down the bigmouthed girlfriend.

I hope Karma comes around kicks everyone of those apathetic mother fuckers asses.

That’s why you should always get your pizza delivered.

Guys, as terrible as what happened is, I’m not really surprised at the lack of help from bystanders. These things happen all the time. When a large group of people witnesses something wrong happen, it is worse than if there is just 1-2 people around to help. This group bystander effect results because it takes 1 person to step up from a whole group. Not many people in our world stray from the norm and assume the lead role. People take their cues on how to act based on what others do. No one wants to intervene in a beating and challenge a 300lb. man. If 1 person goes to help, the rest of the group will. In most cases like this, it is not safety in numbers. Its hard to think of how people can just stand around and let something like this happen, but its been proved over and over in experiments.

I agree that it is a horrible display.

However, I will give you the flip side of the arguement…

About a year or so ago, I was walkin down the main drag in Atlantic City. The two young couples, maybe 20ish were walking by and the guy starts yelling at the girl, she yells back, so he pulls her by the hair and slaps the shit out of her. Everyone watched, except me and another guy who I didn’t know, but looked farily well built. The guy still had the girl by the hair, so I told him to let her go, he said “fuck you” so I punched him in the nose with a rather sweet overhand punch. He was out. The friend didnt do anything because the other guy was standing there, but considering I was bigger than the two punks put together it wasnt an issue.

Now for the kicker…the fuckin girlfriend starts attacking me. Scratching at me, slapping, all that mess. Her female friend restrained her and I walked away. Nothing like gettin slaped in public then defending the guy who did it.

Reminds me of the case in NYC…I can’t think of the name but it was famous…where a girl was beaten and raped on a rather populated street and the neighbors watched and did nothing. The rapist left, came back like 20 mins later while she was still lieing there, raped her again and killed her. During the second assult, an old man yelled from the window “hey, leave that girl alone” When the guy left the second time again, someone called the police.

All the people in there where little bitches. Big boy who suckered the guy would have easily been taken down, he wasn’t that big, if I was there I would have grabbed him from behind and choked him

Allways beware of the motormouth bitch who starts and the asshole boyfriend who finishes. I have seen that move so many times I can’t believe there isn’t a public service announcement warning about it.

Should have leveled the woman first then the guy. Thats the only thing I’ve seen that prevents you from getting nailed like that.

As for the bystanders-That took a total of 10 seconds of actual fight.
what were they going to do?

[quote]mindeffer01 wrote:
Allways beware of the motormouth bitch who starts and the asshole boyfriend who finishes. I have seen that move so many times I can’t believe there isn’t a public service announcement warning about it.

Should have leveled the woman first then the guy. Thats the only thing I’ve seen that prevents you from getting nailed like that.

As for the bystanders-That took a total of 10 seconds of actual fight.
what were they going to do?[/quote]

I hear ya as far as it being a quick fight, however the guy stayed around quite a bit, and went back picked the guy up and hit him again it could have been prevented as far as the total damage done the orbital socket break etc

Thats bad. but it shows that you cannot rely on others. they will have their own self preservation at heart.

He should never have allowed himself to have been punched that easily, and in that manner.

Pluralistic ignorace

Since the situation is ambiguous (everyone is thinking “what the hell is going on”) they rely on other people for information on how to react. If one person said “get off of him” and tried to intervene, it’s likely everyone would. It’s pretty much unavoidable, unless you are aware of it.

Moral of the story? In ambiguous situations, don’t look to others for information. They don’t know either, and are looking to you for information.

Combine that with dilution of responsibility, and you have the case of that woman who was mentioned, murdered as a bunch of people watched, but did nothing to help.

If anyone has ever experienced something like this, they know it’s very painful for the bystanders. Some may spend the rest of their lives wishing they had done something.

I really don’t get the whole midset about that. I mean aftyer you turn the guys face into hamburger and he is a lifeless pile on the ground, what drives someone to go back after stopping and continue to inflict damage on a lefeless corpse. Is the anger really that bad? Are these just plain EVIL people?

I can see the guy landing the first cheap shot, but the pricks just standing there had plenty of time to jump in and at least try to stop it.

I’d think that the para-sympathetic nervous system would have kicked on in every one of those chicken-shit cowards, and that would have made it seem like a full minute to them.

There are no excuses for their cowardice. In fact, those pussies should have been arrested for accessory to assault.

An absolutely SICKENING clip to watch.
For many reasons:

  1. The big-mouth brawd that won’t shut her trap.
  2. The neanderthal behavior exhibited by the boyfriend. This man was not caught in a moment of rage. He didn’t lose his mind on the spot, and beat this man senseless. He was very much in control of his emotions and actions…thats apparent.
  3. The citizens of this nation never seem to let me down. I can kind of understand not wanting to end violence with violence. But this man probably could’ve been restrained in a peaceful manner, no one even attempted THAT.

Unfortunetly, this is the century in which we as a human race…will destroy ourselves. PERIOD.

There is informaton that we don’t have. What happened prior to the lady becoming so enraged? Did the Pizza guy say, or do something that infuriated the couple?

I am not claiming in any way that the Pizza guy deserved what he got, but I do wonder why the couple was so outraged. There are usually two sides to every story.

None the less, the man who committed the attack is a coward. If he really felt he had to get physical (who knows what what happened prior to what we saw on tape) one punch would have sufficed. The Pizza guy obviously wanted no part of the fight. The attacker is obviosuly a coward and a bully.

As far as the guys watching this slaughter, I’m not surprised. The current state of humanity is pretty dismial.

So this is an example of the “projects” that I always hear about.

Wow, I guess the US isn’t the greatest place to live, well, at least certain parts aren’t that great.

The zoo’s are filled with nicer looking animals though.