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An Everyday Shoe?


I was looking today for a shoe to wear when I'm in class or going and buying groceries or whatever, and I came across the adidas goodyear series which was a minimal shoe with a thin sole. I liked them and then looked at the price tag, and realized I mind as well go with a nike free at that price (70-80). http://www.shopadidas.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=2140092&cp=2039765.2019613

Does anyone know of any other athletic shoe that has a similar design that could save my wallet a little? Does nike or rbk or someone make something like that?


I dont know, but you get my vote for the nike free's. I wear them as my everyday shoes, as well as what I lift in and they're awesome.


I wear my 7.0 trainer Free's as an everyday shoe as well.

I have a different pair of Free's for running and I wear wrestling shoes for when I'm training.


Shoes are a popular topic on this site.


Pink Chuck's do the trick for me- in and out of the gym.


Where is the eliteballa shoe pic?