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An Evening with Arnold Fricking Schwarzenegger


So I came across upon the greatest thing ever.

Me my friend and My bro,

Managed to get tickets to An evening with Arnold in Leeds UK.

Black Tie 3 course meal
Live Jazz Band
Hosted By Jonathan Ross
Live comedian
Arnold Memorabilia Auction
Champagne on arrival
Chat Show Interview with Arnold
Q and A with the audience
The an hour or 2 or Arnold telling his life stories.
Raffle to potentially meet Arnold for a meet and greet.
Only around 600 people in the room!

Holy Fucking Shit!!!


so, you going w/ the black or white jacket?


Black all the way. I cannot wait for this 1 week tomorrow!!!


I'm so jealous I don't even know what to say. Damn you! lol


I sat at his table at a cigar-night meet-and-greet function about 20 years ago at his place--Schatzi's--in Santa Monica. There were about 10 people seated at a round table and I was seated right next to him. (There were many tables at the function, but we got to sit at his table). He is a fantastic host and very gracious. I didn't say much at dinner because I was a little star struck and I didn't want to horn in on the conversation he was having with the person who invited me and paid for the whole deal.

After dinner, and after drinks, cigars, and the whole deal, on the way out I shook his hand and said:

Me: Mr. Schwarzenegger, thank you so much for the evening, it was thrilling. But I have one question for you if I may.

Him: Certainly young man.

Me: In True Lies, there were some revealing scenes of Jamie Lee Curtis. Was that her, or did they use a body double?

Him (mixed in with a big belly laugh, a cigar in his mouth, a really firm handshake, and a wink): I can personally assure you young man, that was her body!

Edit: Sorry to horn in on your thread, but that's one of my favorite stories. You should have a great time.


What a fucking champ haha.


Lol, awesome!


Seems appropriate and awesome:


I've kept every birthday cake, why?? So I could crush them!! Good stuff


Top Five best stories ever!

One of my favorite movies too.


(Want to add to my post which is still in the yet to be approved dead zone)

To truly appreciate Jack's story, one has to have seen Trading Places also, imo.


Ahhhh memories.


Awesome story!

And... this just happened


You really should try to tackle him.

I don't know why but I would try to do that.


Hmm I'd love to shout 'Get down!' as i did it...


Was awesome.

Really fucking awesome.


You can't start a thread like this, go on about your excitement and end it like that.

I feel like I've gone out on a date, had an incredible time and then come crunch time there's a peck on the cheek and she says she has a herpes flare up.

Details man, details!