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An empassioned plea to the T-folk

Everybody –

As I know that finding clothes that fit is such a problem, I feel compelled to tell you about a letter I got in the mail yesterday. Basically, it’s an announcement from Rheingold Fashions for a sale (great prices – on the order of 50% in most cases), but the troubling part (at least to me) is that it’s a liquidation sale.

For any one not familiar with Rheingold Fashions, it’s a clothing line that’s designed for the bodybuilder physique, and it’s on the conservative side, fashio-wise. Lori Rheingold has always been excellent to work with, generous with advice on fit, etc. She’s the designer, so she knows the clothing VERY well.

Due to bad economic times, she’s on the bubble as to whether she’ll be able to remain in business or not. The month of march will be the make-or-break point for her. For ANY ONE looking for good quality, good fitting clothing for the larger physique, give it a look.

www.rheingoldfashions.com or call 888-248-3487 to order

When you call, mention the sale. You could also mention that you heard about it here. I have nothing to gain from this other than having one of my favorite clothing sources remain open.


I shall investigate.

But then again, I’m not that big! :slight_smile: