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An email to John B

I sent this to John Beredi, but I’d like your guy’s opinion on it aswell. (Sorry about any spelling mistakes)

Hey John, whats the good word?.. I have one question for you. I have been analyzing ratio’s of food intake. I always see “40/30/30” is the best best, or “??/??/??” is the best. Lately however I’ve been coming down to the conclusion, that it is alot more individual. Heres my theory. Im bulking, I weigh about 200 pounds as we speak. Say I decide I can only afford 1 gram of protein per bodyweight, and due to bulking the turn over rate is far less then when cutting. Now say I take in roughly 200 grams (ATLEAST 200) of protein. Now carbs, your brain from what I understand, likes to have roughly 200 glocose, so say they get that from carbs you ingest. Now say your glycogen takes about 200 grams, and your liver about 70. Now thats topped off. So thats roughly 470 grams of carbs. Any above that, would be pointless correct?.. Now then rest of your calories will come from GOOD fats (about 30% saturated fat for T Production). Say I need roughly 5000 calories to bulk.

470 CARBS * 4 = 1880 Calories
200 PROTEIN * 4 = 800 Calories

That leaves you basically 255 grams of fat (Roughly 2300 cals)… now that ratio is no where near the typical ratio.
But to me, it seems like a really good number. You get all the protein you need, and all the carbs for muscle and liver glycogen, and fats seem to have a more DRUG like effect on your body. Also I find that fats are WAY easier to consume for someone like me, as in it’s SUPER easy to eat alot of almonds, flax seed oil and olive.

Now am I missing a big peice of the puzzle or does this sound good?

I’m not John Berardi, but I found it a hell of a lot easier to get the majority of my calories from fat. I have such a low appetite that I can’t bring myself to eat 3 cups of oatmeal in one sitting, but can easily eat 1000 k/Cal worth of pistacios, walnuts, etc. You might have trouble oxidizing that much fat, though.