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An Ellington Darden Archive?

I have people contacting my frequently for copies of my old books. But many of them are out of print and difficult to find on Amazon. I also have written a thousand articles over the last 50 years on fat loss, nutrition, muscle building, and overall fitness.

An idea that I have been kicking around is to create an archive of Ellington Darden articles, which would include tips, techniques, and routines that trainees could reference and apply.

Question: If such an archive were available, would you be interested?





Yes yes yes!

Yes :smiley:

I definitely would. Interested to see how many I don’t have.


Yes, I definitely would. I think that would be a very useful resource.


The old site had a bunch of posts that were basically articles you had written. I always thought it was a shame that those disappeared when you moved here. Hopefully it wouldn’t be difficult resurrect those?

Yes, very.

yes, naturally

There are multiple websites where you can buy old Dr. Darden’s books: Ebay, Alibris.com, Thriftbooks.com, just to name a few. During the last year, I have bought almost every book written by Dr. Darden (except for some early sports specific ones) using the above three websites primarily and many of them were very cheap. However, I full agree that one repository / archive will be great.

Third party sellers on Amazon are good for used Darden books.