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An Effective, Detailed Protocol to Avoid TRT / AAS Induced Hair Loss

I believe 2% is prescription only. Also is loprox shampoo good to?

@toughcasey - charlie12 is right, 2% is RX only, I misspoke in my original post, which I’ve now edited. You can use 1%, which is what I use, with excellent results. Sorry about that!

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@KSman - That’s high praise coming from you, sir. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Great info! All key ingredients for DHT blocking. For step 3(Finasteride) is this added to the same bottle of minoxidil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil?

I am on a regime of a few things including saw palmetto and it has destroyed my libido and emotional state. So I personally would never touch finasteride as that is way more powerful. My regime includes topical saw Pallmetto and oral. I dropped everything and after a week started feeling better. Started topical again and within 2 days I was a wreck again. So I may be a rarity but for anyone reading this just pay attention to your mind and body when taking finasteride so you can recognize any sides.

Topical finasteride is another story but is extremely expensive which is compounded by Empower.

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Hi, So I’m going through what I think is the first stages of noticing my hairline receding in the corners. Came as a surprise since I’m 38 but I’m trying to be as proactive as possible about it! Thanks so much for this information. You also mentioned something in the beginning about Caffeine but never elaborated on it. Is that something I should add in to the mix as well? Thanks again!

Has anyone tried this regiment for a prolonged period of time? What were the results like?

Good read, ive been using nizoral and minoxil for five months now, saved most of my hair.

One more thing to add: always split your dose to less DHT peak. I find that i shed like crazy if i inject once a week.

i think my shed (when i started trt and hcg) effected my front hairline and under a bright light it looks like my temples are expanding inward toward each other … any idea what i can do to stall this? This is a first to see the frontal hairline erode and to do so in a month

@mhmtali have you tried HCG? I have been told a few times now that HCG causes more shedding than test alone

Receding hairline is aging and genetics, nothing you can do.

No never used HCG.
Ive experienced frontal hair thinning when i upped my T dose to high levels. Safest place to me below 150mg a week, over than that causes hair loss for me.

Wild I’m On cream and that spikes DHT like Mad. No issues

i am getting palm fulls in the shower. this is new. im only on 120 a week and dont want to change my protocol all the time, but dont want to lose all my hair either,

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I’ve had that happen in the beginning, testosterone/DHT effect the skin. TRT can improve your skin.

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Its normal in the beginning of TRT, your body not used to have high level of hormones, give it a time things will be stabilised. Use nizoral it def helps.


have you tried this?

No, I have plenty of hair for a 47 year old.

Hello, so just to confirm, we add the drops to the minoxidil bottle right before every time we apply it? Or we just add it once per bottle? And do we add the topical fin to the minoxidil as well? Thanks! Already have everything just wanted to confirm