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An Effective 4 Day Split?


So, my life has been changing a bit lately, and I have less time to get in the gym. No more 6 day/week. Also made a personal decision to stop using gear.

That being said, I would still like to progress and develop my physique. I am looking for a 4 day split. Anyone have any success with particular ones? Could be hitting everything 1x per week or 2x per week.



Basically...should I stick to a body part split routine, or would it be beneficial to hit everything 2x per week? Like a push pull type of split I suppose.


I like a body part split better... I feel I can really target each muscle group that way... With doing each twice I over look to much stuff and run out of time... I do Back/Chest/legs/shoulders...


Glad to see you back!

I would go with a bodypart split. It seems that is the best design for hypertrophy.

What made you decide to stop using gear?


That's what I figured, I honestly am just itching to mix things up in the gym lol.

Well, one reason is I keep getting high blood pressure no matter how clean my diet is, what ancillaries I take, cardio, etc.

Another big one is I'm about to be a teacher and am trying to limit my illegal activities lol...


Lol...another thing is that my fiance said she honestly didn't believe I could stop taking it...so I need to prove her wrong lol.


Congrats on the future teaching career!




Thanks man!


Check out big beyond belief by Leo Costa. It was suggested to me by someone that isn't on this forum and he had great success with it. Check out this thread, it's pretty informative. http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/anyone_still_doing_big_beyond_belief


I'm pretty sure a common John Meadows split is something like: legs, chest/shoulders, back, arms.

Clay Hyght also has a solid 4 session/wk upper-lower split:


good ol reverse Psychology...


Good article here on some splits you may like



I like this one...looks pretty cool.

Anyone actually used this split with any success? (Anyone that wasn't just starting lifting from scratch)

The only thing is...it seems like such low volume per upper body part. Only 2 exercises per week for each muscle group seems insanely low.


there are so many ways to set up a basic upper/lower

for example.

upper heavy
bench press 3-4 x 3-5
incline db press 3-4 x 6-10
bent over rows 3-4 x 3-5
lat pull down 3-4 x 6-10
over head press 2-3 x 6-10
skull crushers 2-3 x 6-10
barbell curls 2-3 x 6-10

lower heavy
back squat 3-4 x 3-5
deadlift 2 x 3-5
leg press 2 x 10-15
leg curls 2 x 10-15
standing calves 4 sets

upper light
incline barbell bench press 3-4 x 8-12
flat db flyes or peck dec 3-4 x 8-12
seated cable rows 3-4 x 8-12
db rows 3-4 x 8-12
db lateral raises 3-4x8-12
incline db curls 3-4x8-12
triceps push downs 3-4x8-12

lower light
front squat 3-4x8-12
lunges 2-3x8-12
leg extensions 3-4x10-15
leg curls 3-4x10-15
seated calve raises 4 sets

or if you dont want to do an upper/lower something like



could even do a rotation with 3 different workouts done 4 times a week

you seem to be a rather built dude a basic split should be a piece of piss for you to design.

good luck.


From the Article Discussion, it looks like Myosin gave it a run for a while. He's a pretty built dude, so maybe try to touch base with him and see what he remembers. Granted, it was like six years ago. Ha.

It works for Doggcrapp. :wink: Just saying, you should be able to see some progress from it if you push it in each session, especially if it's pretty different from how you've been training.


Lol...yea, if I try it I will def add more exercise for the upper body days. I'm just scared to venture from my conventional bodybuilding split I'm so used too Haha.


I hear ya, just remember that you need to account for those heavy days each week and whatever they'll take out of you. Heavy back, chest, shoulders, and arms, then a few days later hitting all of those again.

I don't mean to sound like I'm trying to sell you on the routine or whatever, it's just that Hyght knows his stuff (as a coach, competitor, and judge), so even if it's lower volume that you're used to, it might be worth trying as-is for a week or two before adding more. 100% your call though. Just throwing out food for thought.