An apple a day ...........

For all those like me who still eat evil fruit like apples, tried the most delicious variety the other day called Eve, if you ever get the chance grab one, other faves are Pacific Rose and Fuji.

Man I love Fuji apples. Never tried Eve, I’ll have to check those out.

i must say my favorites are ambrosia. sweet. big. crispy. just a fantastic eat. i get them organic from my local co-op. fuji are nice too. i’ll have to check out this eve. is it red or green? i sort of have an aversion to green apples. peace.

I like stayman winesap. you can only get em’ at certain times of the year. they’re kind of sweet with a little bite .

Shiny and red, very firm skin and sweet as. I think it is new as I have never seen it before and it doesn’t appear on the ENZA website which produce it.