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An Apology to Lebron James

Lebron, I'm sorry.  Before you came out in the NBA draft, I thought you would be just another kid who let the "bling" and everything else go to your head.  I was wrong.  I thought you would never reach the level you've reached in your career.  Already, you're one of the top three players in the NBA.  Please accept my apology.



Yeah, LeBron frequents this forum quite a bit....


i'll let him know you're proud of him.


Where the hell did that come from?

Well, since we're apparently apologizing to people who aren't seeing these apologies:

I apologize to Johnathon Hausman, a kid I beat up in elementary school. Even though you started it, and I still think I'm pretty bad ass for being a 3rd grader who beat up a 5th grader, I apologize, and I'm sure you're doing great things...


I live in the Cleveland area and probably was exposed to a whole lot more hype about LeBron than the rest of the country. What is very refreshing is that not only is he an incredibly talented athelete, but he is also a class act. I was so afraid he would turn out to be another thug with too much money, but that has not turned out to be the case. His handlers and his mom can be a pain in the ass (I have a "LeBrons mother gave me a Hummer" bumper sticker somewhere), but he is truly a very nice young man.

I hope he continues down the road to success and doesn't get sidetracked.


You beat up a Rabbi?

"Rabbi Jonathan Hausman hails from Bridgeport, Connecticut. He is the eldest of four brothers.
Rabbi J (as he is known) received a BA in Religion and Judaic Studies and an MA in Middle East and Jewish Studies from The George Washington University."


Well... I don't know, I may have. I haven't seen him since the year I beat him up. He'd be a pretty jerk-ish Rabbi if you ask me.

At least I know his current life path leaves a pretty good possibility that he'd accept my apology...



I'm sorry that I believe that you are the luckiest athlete in the NBA, which couldn't carry your team to the Fianals...


thugs in the nba,bling? you people are funny.


He's awesome no doubt. But he's no 21! He's at least 28. The truth will come out one day, watch & see!


You Bastard! I've been looking for you.


Almost fell back in my chair after that one

I guess I'll apologize to Monique, I know I accidentally put it in your butt that one time, but it wasn't my fault....the lights were off and I couldn't see.


monique, im NOT sorry i put it in your butt...take that you bitch :wink: