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An Annoying Truth About AAS Use: Scammers

This isn’t something people normally think about. But trust me, there is a lot of bunk/underdosed gear now a days. Even shit that’s cheap to make like test and dbol, I’ve seen and even used underdosed/completely fake products. I have since found a reliable source that I love (no source sharing on here).

People will run what they think is 500 MG of test a week, but it’s actually 200, and they get some gains, and feel it working so they know it’s real, but they weren’t actually using 500. Then they use 750 their next cycle and get the gains they were supposed to get in the first cycle… in some cases, this is also why some people can tolerate 750 mg of Tren ace a week, or 100 mg of dbol, while yes some people are gifted and can handle amounts like that with little sides, you’d be surprised how many people are just running underdosed gear.

I’ve heard of sources that are hit or miss, sometimes being called selective scammers. Say 50% of their stuff is legit, there’s gonna be positive reviews, and the other 50% is gonna get shit gear and think the source sucks, there have also been plenty of “exit scams” where a good source goes bad in an attempt to make one last profitable bang before they disappear.


Too true. Consider the people you’re dealing (literally) with… they don’t give a shit about customer service so long as they are making a profit. People buying underground gear is akin to one who thinks with his dick - regardless of the alarms sounding, people will go against their own good judgment and buy the bunk gear from a source in the minuscule hopes that it’ll turn out great or even ok. Just like the guy at the bar knowing that he shouldn’t take the girl home and bend her over his bed and go to rail city because he’s pretty damn sure she has an STD…though he takes her home anyway.

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Quite the analogy. But you’re right it’s all about profit. The UGL I currently use has always provided great results and products, but I know at any moment they could go to shit so…


A source is only as good as their last batch. Sad but true.


Another thing I might add is even if you home brew your raws could just as easily be underdosed or fake…

I was going to make a comment about why and when I switched to Homebrew. Basically it’s cheaper and once I got up and running I specifically ran the same “doses” as I was running with my UGL I trusted. I was thinking well I might be at the point of just needing higher doses to continue but let’s see if the same dose does the same thing basically and yes either my UGL was accurate OR my raw’s are diluted the same as the UGL. Overall I am saving money and I have noticed much less acne. Don’t know if it is from dirty UGL or something to do with what ingredients I use to brew vs what the UGL did.

I was really hoping to find out my UGL had been underdosed so I wouldn’t have to go to higher doses but alas I got basically the same results at the same “labeled dose.”

I will say for anyone homebrewing, melt test your raw’s! Get some way to incrementally increase the heat like 1-2 degrees at a time and hold that heat. Start low then slowly ad a degree. If they cut the raw you should see some uneven melting when you get into the known melt range for the hormone. I caught a funky batch of proviron that way, half melted at one temp then the rest didn’t melt until almost 10 degrees later and that was Celsius! I personally think it was just a bad manufacturing issue because everything else even other batches of provi were all good with the melt.
The melt test won’t tell you how pure it is but it should let you find out if it is cut or diluted with something. Provided they don’t cut it with something that has the exact same melting temp.

There are also reaction tests you can perform on the raws. I am just starting on my road to knowledge with the subject. Basically it’s similar to those test at home kits but you go and just order the raw chemicals and pay way less for enough to test a bunch of different samples.

I don’t know… I just purchase compounded pharmaceutical grade product off the black market… seems to do the job very well (bloods check out that the test is legit)

Aside from drostanolone… not getting pharm grade mast

You trying to email a brother some more info?

A good source just had his raw EQ tested because he thought it looked off. He speculated it was cut with something else. The result? 77% purity. The shipper for the raw source probably didn’t have enough to fill the order so he added some kind of oil to the raw and voila he had the right weight. This is a tough game.

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I always assume by gear is 20% ± the specified weight, it’s just the game we play. I’ve had test come in at far more than 250mg/ml (compared to Pharma) twice now

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