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An Announcement to Make


Okay, I've told a few people this but now I'm putting it in writing for the world to see..

Currently I'm 26, turning 27 next August and thus turning 30 in August of 2007.

The reason my age is relevant is because of this:

I have decided upon three goals that I intend to achieve by the time I'm 30. They're nothing too amazing, or astounding, and many people here have already achieved some or all of them. None the less, for me they will be personal milestones that I intend to achieve.

I will do a one armed chin-up.

I will total 1500 lbs at an IPF powerlifting meet.

I will achieve a bodyfat % low enough to palpate the veins on my abdomen.

These are my goals and in the next 3.5 years I intend to achieve them...

Stuart Hunter


good luck man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"I will total 1500 lbs at an IPF powerlifting meet.

I will achieve a bodyfat % low enough to palpate the veins on my abdomen."

It's probably going to be one or the other.


"I will total 1500 lbs at an IPF powerlifting meet.

I will achieve a bodyfat % low enough to palpate the veins on my abdomen."

Do both. Be unconventional. Never put limitations on yourself.

BTW, we are going to hold you to your promises.


Hey Doogie, I didn't say they were going to happen at the same time. I've got 3.5 years to do it all.



Write your goal down and reread when the going seems tough. Keep your eye on the prize and you can do it.


Did you mean a USAPL meet? USAPL is the gateway to the IPF.


Well...now it's in writing. Better get to work.

Btw, how close are you right now to these goals? Just curious as to where you stand compared to where you're going.


You can do it Stu! I have heard time and time again when setting goals, it is so important to write them down, and you did that so that is a great start! I, on the other hand, would like to be able to do one chin-up! Perhaps before I am 30...

Good Luck,



I am curious as to how many two arm Chin-Ups you are currently able to do?


Currently I can:

Deadlift 500 lbs
Squat 300 lbs
Bench 250 lbs

While the squat is a little conservative, it's better to guess low. That's all raw too, no belt/suit/wraps/shirts etc.

I can also do about 20 two arm chinups with flawless form, more if I swing.

The bodyfat is nowhere near where it'll have to be for my goal but honestly I think that'll be the easiest of the lot.

Oh, and the reason I said IPF is because I'm in Canada so that's what we've got up here.




If you could add to your list of goals:

"I promise to stop "dropping" my fork when I am at 'Cakes house for dinner just so I can enjoy the view"

Thank you in advance,


Stu...nice goals buddy, I know you can do it, geez after watching you hoist the 400 like you had a pocket full of change, I KNOW you can!

(Please don't forget the fork one though...)

"You must have long-range goals to keep you from being frustrated by short-range failures"

~ Charles C. Noble



As for your Chin-Ups, I would suggest trying the one arm with your strongest hand on the bar and your weak hand holding your wrist.

After you get stronger doing them this way move your hand further up your arm. Perhaps placing it on your forearm, then between forearm and bicep etc.

Continue to move your hand up your arm to the point where it becomes almost ineffective. Then try it with just one arm.

If you still have problems try negatives to begin with. This gives your body the motion it needs to learn.

There are other methods you can use if this is not working.

Best Of Luck,



re: single arm chin-ups

I'm not sure how many people can actually do this... if anyone knows someone that can do this, please put it on a video clip for us to see.

I can do sets of 6 with two 20kg plates hanging from a dip-belt and I am nowhere close to even being able to lower myself under control with one arm.


I've seen two people do these. the first was a high schol friend who weighed a buck fifty five and was ripped as hell but incredibly strong (he did 35 pull ups in P.E. class for the test before he got bored and quit) the second was my uncle who was a former Navy SEAL. He was also really ripped and strong (probably 165-175 range)

Good luck on the goal.


Well, I've seen a few guys at the local rock climbing gym do one arm chins. Most of them are the buck fifty five type.

When I do it I'll make certain to get video footage and put it up. Not that I'm promising it'll be right away. . .

I can control a few negatives pretty well with one arm and I can do full chins on the assisted machine with 50 lbs of support so I'm not too far off the goal.

'Cake, it wouldn't be such an issue if you'd quit wearing the little plaid skirts with the knee highs.



Crap Stu, I'm 26 this month and now after reading your post I feel OLD. 4 years to 30, geez.

You can do it! I'm gonna go for the one arm chin too.

I've always wanted to do a hand stand push-up. Lower bf levels would help.

Go man!



Then stop tipping so well and I won't feel I "owe you".

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I told you, that money is to help you pay your way through dance school. I don't know how many times I can say it, I don't want you to feel any sort of obligation toward me for that. All I've ever asked for is a little "demonstration" of what you've learned. . .



Yeah, if a little "demonstration" is all you were after, then why do I have to call you "Daddy"

Why Stu, WHY?

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