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An All White Log


The last year I've taken things to a new level, pushed my body to the point where I couldn't eat and couldn't lift and while that was fun... I'm taking a more sensible approach this year.

Last April was when I started lifting regularly, with a proper program and nutrition plan... I soared from 155-180 from then until the end of August 2011. Unfortunately I got sick a bunch of times, injured myself and I'm still recovering from that and it really screwed up my progress. Now I'm only 185lbs so I've gained barely anything since August...

I'm gearing up to make some amazing progress again this year and to reach the above 200lb mark.


Age: 21
Height: 5'8
Weight: 185lbs
Bodyfat: 18-20%
Chest: 42' (A real problem for me, it has barely grown ever)
Arms: 15.5' cold
Legs: 28'
Calves: 16'

Last year I used frequency as my main tool, working out 6 times a week twice a day doing a push/pull/legs split.

This year I'm doing a traditional split utilizing 5/3/1 for my main lifts and then blasting the muscle of said lift with the Boring But Big approach, picking my own assistance lifts and rep ranges.

It will probably work out something like chest, back, delts, legs, arms.

Stay tuned for pics!


This pic is April-August 2011...

I look pretty much the same now as I did in August.


Last year I used very few supps...

I had Leucine, Flameout and Surge Recovery from Biotest which like all Biotest products made me very happy... I couldn't afford to buy them once they ran out again though... So I stuck with just basic products such as fish oil, whey protein and glutamine.

This year I have decided to be a bit more ambitious with my supplementation.

I have the Animal Pak for my multi-vit and I love that stuff, never seen a bad review about it and I can see why. I have EFA's and Creatine Monohydrate which I haven't used yet, I expect it to balloon me up to 190 since I hold a lot of water... Apart from that I'm looking to see if I can stretch my budget to some Tribulus, BCAAs and jack3d.

I haven't bought any new whey protein, I haven't had a good experience with it... My stomach hates most of the brands I've tried, but I will definitely buy some more for emergencies, however my diet is usually pretty strict so I shouldn't need it.


This post is relevant to my log.



I wanted to put in some injury background for clarification purposes.

At the age of 15 I had a pretty bad Radius Ulna Break in my left forearm. The treatment is typically open it up, attach a plate to each bone and pin it in.

The picture here isn't my break as mine was higher up the arm. Almost exactly half way through the forearm. I had physio for about 12months after I was taken out of my 6month cast.

It causes me a lot of pain and I'm not really sure if there is a limit to how big I can get without causing problems... I'm going to push my body regardless. Some of my early issues were not being able to supinate the forearm which stopped me from being able to develop that bicep properly and still does. My left delt always takes over to an extent and for this reason that delt and trap are fairly bigger than the delt/trap on my right side.

Imbalances caused by this injury seem to be insurmountable but I never stop trying. I can supinate almost completely now which has been due to the weights in my opinion as physio never fixed that problem.


Hey, I just read your thread in the steroid forum. Personally, I hate pro hormones and wouldn't recommend them to anyone. You mentioned you're a bit broke at the moment so I would advise you to save your money and not use any steroids or pro-hormones just yet.

There is a pro hormone sticky you should read in the steroid forum. If I were you I would concentrate on fine tuning your diet and training before you spend money on expensive supplements. I would recommend buying basic supplements like protein powders and basic multi vitamin and minerals. I've used those animal pak vitamins and I think they're a bit overkill more most people. try buying a protein supplement that tastes nice with water and add a fiber supplements to it.

Good luck!



Thanks for the input man.

I'm in no rush, it's just definitely something I'm considering doing this year at some point.


This thread http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_supplements/1600_calorie_cutting_diet? is the diet I'm using.


Got a pic of my current delt/arm development. Not good with poses at all but this is a pose I usually use to gauge personal progress, since one day I want to do that pose and look badass.

My arms are about 15 inches lately. I haven't been training as much as I normally would, so I've lost a bit of the pump that I usually have 24/7. Also my arm injury has stopped me from hitting them directly apart from the triceps in quite a while. So they've dropped around a half inch which sucks since I'm getting a tattoo once I hit 16inch arms. Though I said that about 14 and 15inches too lol.


Yo man, got your PM and mods apparently killed my PMing ability so I'm just dropping a post in here instead. I'll be following along.

One thought so far- EFA's/creatine mono/BCAA's are all great choices, but it probably makes sense to leave extras like preworkout stims/test boosters out for now if you're struggling to pay for the solid food basics. Also, check out whey isolate if you're looking for a protein powder that's easier on the stomach- you can probably find a pretty affordable one with lactase/other digestive enzymes as well.

Good luck with the cut.

P.S. Ummm log name? Could be limiting of T-viewership, TBH


Well then ...


Yeah I bought some creatine and EFAs so far. I'm going to get some BCAAs and some Whey Isolate since you said it's good for digestion.

The log name is kind of like English slang.

When we ask someone something, quite often it comes out like "You all white mate?" lol


Couple of things based on your comments in the diet thread:

1) Are you a bit torn between whether or not you should be dieting or gaining? I get the sense that you are a bit soft for your liking, but are hearing that you need to put on more size and deep-down know it's true. If that's the case, I recommend that you do a quick-hitting diet like RFL (google Lyle McDonald Rapid Fat Loss diet) for a couple of weeks. Guys like BugeishaAD and ryanbCXG have had some good results from following that diet to a T. The diet works by heavily restricting cals, but keeping them mostly to protein to spare muscle. I think it would be a great way to lean out a bit and get a psychological boost without staying away from gaining for too long.

2) On an upper/lower program, you really would want to focus on heavier compound lifts with very little movement redundancy- isolation work has to be pretty minimal in order to avoid overdoing the volume. I actually did some of this lately, so I could probably help you put one together. With that said, 5/3/1 is way more proven than any workout I've put together, so I recommend that you stick with boring but big. BUT if you're committed to trying an upper/lower routine or something else, I can help you out by sharing my experience with that kind of programming.


Yeah I am a bit torn really. I know if I did diet, at the end even if I hold on to muscle and have a low bodyfat I will inevitably want to gain more size. Having said that I know that those sort of high protein low calorie diets work well. I tried the anabolic diet last year for two months and lost about 10lbs. Problem was as soon as I added the carbs in again it all came back. I seem to hold a lot of water when I eat carbs.

I'm torn between three sorts of programs... The upper/lower will be ideal if I go high frequency again, 5/3/1 BBB is alright but like it says on the tin - boring. Third option is a 5 day split chest, back, delts, legs, arms and use 5/3/1s template for the main lift on each day. That way I know I'm making gradual increases in my bigger lifts and then just blast the muscles with various isolation exercises.

I think no matter what I choose I will be using a 5/3/1 component though.

I actually saw a pretty sweet 5/3/1 template being used by a natural bodybuilder who was pretty damn impressive looking. I think he followed it as prescribed for week 1 then weeks 2&3 he would use the 3 reps for his main lift on week 2 and week 3 would be the 1 rep part. The main difference was weeks 2&3 he would choose his own isolation exercises rather than using the BBB template. I was thinking of giving that a go but I'm not sure if there are more effective programs / ways to use 5/3/1s simplicity.


Be honest with yourself: are you an impressive bodybuilder who has acquired the knowledge of the 5/3/1 programming AND of how his own body responds to various stimuli that are required to modify programs in an effective way? I'll leave that one up to you. An impressive person is the SUM OF everything they've done up to that point in time. It's not just about what they happen to be doing at the moment.

I think that some of the most effective programs are the boring, but tried and true ones. Look for interesting and you may find it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will bring gains. Ultimately it's up to you what you want to do, but I do think that you need to put in the time with a given program to truly understand the methods that underlie it before you screw with it or get sexy.

As far as the dieting is concerned, I doubt you'll see a ton of fat come back following a diet like RFL as long as you get your macros right. Again, up to you.


I know what you mean about the whole sum of training etc. I'm starting to edge more towards the 5 day split simply because I've done the whole high frequency thing and while it was great, eventually fatigued me a lot.

I'm going to slowly reduce my calories and aim at eventually eating the 1600 calorie diet I outlined. I'll basically try to eat everything I've already outlined on that diet but without limiting the carbs quite so much, add in more eggs and meat and see where that gets me. Getting two rotisserie chickens tomorrow. I checked the website of the store we go to and it's £5 for two! I usually go by photos/scales which I usually check up on every 2 weeks which should make it easy to adjust my diet.


So I've gone ahead and ordered all of my supplements in advance for once.
I have the physio tomorrow so I'll finally find out what's up with my arm.

Anyway I'm sticking to supplement basics,

Animal Pak for multi-vit,
Creatine Monohydrate,
Whey protein,
Fish Oils

Been a nice few days so I've got some decent cardio in.


So I finally got to the physio.

Seems like it's probably nerve damage which means I'm all cleared to start hitting the gym again.

I'm due back to physio at the end of the month to find out exactly what nerve is causing the problems and why.

On the plus side I was told I'm a hyperextender and that my ROM is incredible. Should have been a gymnast but hey.

I got back and headed hit the weights within the hour lol. I started off light today as I haven't lifted since the start of Jan. Just did a bit of Chest.

Light flat barbell bench work for 4 sets of 15,
3 sets of 15 for db flies.
3 sets of 15 for flat db bench.

Again both of those last exercises were with a light weight.


Also since I want this log to be pretty meticulous, it's worth mentioning that last year when I was supplementing regularly with fish oils I was having chest problems - palpitations and shortness of breath. Recently I've been using fish oils again and all the same symptoms came back.

Last year I had extensive tests done, blood work, ECG and so on with no bad results. I actually have a resting heart rate of about 56bpm and a low blood pressure to boot. I think the blood thinning properties of fish oils seem to dislike those with low blood pressure.

I did my research and found a lot of others have the same problems with fish oils. In some posts I read a few guys who seemed to know their shit claimed that about 5-10% of people have this problem.

I'm tapering my dosage down from 3 caps a day to just 1 and see how it goes.


So I've done back and delts over the last 3 days. Today will be my leg day!

Not anything important to note since I'm still using light ass weight to get back into this slowly and smartly.

Shoulders are pumped to hell which is interesting as I did really minimal stuff with the overhead pressing and focused more on the medial delts with really light lat raises, I've tweaked my lat raise form from what I used last year and can definitely feel it more as a result.