An Actual T-Shirt Idea Realized

As seen on campus today (maybe it was a T-Mag reader):

“Freshmen Girls, Get Them While They’re Skinny”

That is beautiful.

LOL! And so true! I need one of those! Why do you think I like’em young? Because they stay thin and look good! Once they get into their 20’s they all put on weight. Some more than others. Ahh, the freshmen 15 or in some cases 20 and 30. HA!

Why am I not surprised that Nate Dogg was the first to reply to this thread. You dirty dirty man.hehehe
A friend of mine is going to the university of Toronto and because of the fact that they are phasesing out on year of highschool in Ontario it means that there are two years of freshman going into one. So there are some 90,000 freshman joining his school this year. Sweet!!!

who thinks nate dogg is a pedifile? ( i know it’s spelled wrong), im 19 and i wouldn’t go near any girl under 18.

actually now’s about the time those freshmen girls start putting on the freshman 15. THey show up on campus with great perky booties that begin to sag with the combo of late night pizzas and all you can eat dining hall food.


this was in college.

I know you were referring to high school. Just for clarification.

I should stay away from the OT forum.

Do college freshmen girls actually gain weight? I lost 7 lbs when I was in college since I didn’t eat much as I found the cafeteria food rather distasteful.

BTW - Nate - you’re such a pedophile. :wink:


Great to have you back! You have been missed on the forum and on my secret email list! LOL!

I’ll tell you no lie, I have seen many girls who were in the 17-20 age range become much “thicker” after their first year of college or once they got past their very early 20’s. That metabolism slows down and little, skinny girls that thought they were hot stuff all of a sudden put on 10-20 pounds and can’t figure out why!

Then you see them at the gym doing cardio for hours on end, only to still have flabby arms and bellies.

I’m not a pedophile. I told you, I would never hook up with someone under 18. So as long as they are legal, it’s all good. And in the state of Florida, 18 is legal. So give me your legal high school seniors and college freshmen. I will do naughty things to them before they start getting all fat and ugly! HA!

BEER…not eating right…late night fast food, and thats all they eat. Its funny how many girls i see punding away on the cardio machines hoping to get there ass flat hehe. The girls i see hitting the weights and doing cardio and the girls on the sports teams are the ones who seem to only get better looking hehe.

My sister blew up right before my eyes, and has spent the past 9 years working those 15 lbs. off. The factors included are:1) late night pizza. 2) Beer bashes every weekend where you don’t have to come home and explain why you smell like a brewery. 3) Most of these girls used to do something athletic in high school, and now that they are in college, they’ve stopped. The funny thing is, most guys put on 20-30 lbs. once they leave school. Seems that the real world phases out a lot of the frat muscle boys as day to day life saps their energy and enthusiasm!!

Wasn`t it mentionned somewhere in science that things go downhill for the growth hormone after 23 years old?

The best predictor for how a woman will age 10-20 years down the road (MOST of the time, exceptions will always exist): bodytype (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph) + look at how her parents aged.


All you have to do is look at her ankles and her mom.

If she has “cankles” you know she isn’t a keeper!

And if her momma is big, then you know where she’s headed in the future too!

That’s what I tend to look at among some other things!


Nate is a wise man.

It’s only illegal if you get caught.

Also, I lost the freshman 30. I came in at a decently cut 215 to college and left the first year at 185. I ate what I wanted, but got very little sleep and had a lot of sex. I had pretty abs.

We all know what I like about 17 year old girls…that’s right! They’re always 17.

i just love pussy