An 18 Gage Needle for IM Injection?

im planning on starting my test/deca cycle tommorow and was wondering if i would be able to use an 18g needle just for this first week while i wait for my 22g to show up. i know its gonna hurt but has anyone else done it? i used a 20g last time and didnt hurt too bad.

i had a friend who has before it worked but i dont have the balls too lol

Why not wait?

FYI, you don’t need 18g… I load with a 21g and I shoot with a 25g…

I have shot with 27g and one time with a 29g but that was too slow.

Apart from glute injections, I’d say that back filling slin-pins and shooting with those is the optimal way of injecting. I’m not sure of the gauge but I use blue pins for glutes and slin pins for shoulders and quads. I have shot into quads with blue, but never into my shoulders.

well i did it. shot it into my glute because i was too chicken shit to shoot an 18g in my quad. first time doing it in my glute and about half a ml of oil came oozin out and also its fairly more painful than a 23g in the quad. def learned my lesson will wait for my reg pins to get here

i draw and inject with 23’s… a slight pinch upon breaking skin… no big deal.