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Amy Winehouse found dead at 27...



Well, the "Forever 27" gang just got it's newest member. I'm calling it now, Bieber dies the day before he turns 28...


Even thought she was a POS addict,she had great talent so...RIP?


May be callous of me, but oh well. She was set on killing herself, so she got her wish.


Saw this as a FB status:

"Amy Winehouse is dead, but 98 young people also got murdered in Norway. RIP"

mmm, yeah. I feel like slappin' a bitch.


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My thoughts exactly. Great talent and all that but I'm not exactly shocked


Winner winner chicken dinner: LarryDavid, dk44, Wormwood Theory



My money's on Pete Doherty being next.


I guess she really wanted to be a part of the 27 Club.


fuck all drugs


If he does, it's going to be a drug underdose, sexual exhaustion after being gang-banged by a score of tweenies, or smothered in kittens.


I am so pissed off. I had August 2011 in the pool.


You guys are dicks. Someone's daughter died today


She had it coming TD54. I am sure the parents already knew the ending not just the timing of it. It is sad but If I saw my daughter like that and did all I could possibly do, to include me sacrificing myself for her and still not see a change one can only do so much. If your religious than she's in a better place fellow friends.


I wouldn't put it like THAT jre ... To say she "had it coming" sounds like she was a malevolent bitch. Yea she was a hopeless druggy but I don't think we could say that "she had it coming." I mean look at Courtney Love, that bitch has been using heroin for so long that her blood is diesel and she's still kickin around somewhere being a scum bag.

But, yes, it's a shame that she wasted her talent and her life and lost it to drugs.


Don't hate, Bieber's a mad pimp...kid lives a more ballin' lifestyle then any of us ever will.


That's what they said about George Michael and Ricky Martin.

Turns out by "ballin' lifestyle" they meant "balls across the chin lifestyle" -- not that there's anything wrong with that....


None of this changes the fact that it is a tragedy and people here are joking about it. To me it's sad that, as i said, someone lost their daughter today. Joke about murderers and child rapists dying, but not a girl who had an unfortunate drug addiction.


I really don't understand all of the people making fun of Justin Beiber. As Jase said, he is living it up and succeeding right now. Making more money and getting finer ass than any of us could ever dream of lol. Just leave the kid alone


Teh Bieberz apprishiates yourz White Knighting fer hiz honorz. U may now haz teh sexy timez wid him.