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Amway. Is It Really Bad?

Everyone here, and most of the internet stuff I?ve read on Amway portrays it in a negative light. Their products and their networking marketing concept are both looked down upon. Is there someone here who can tell me why exactly is Amway so bad? Someone with a 1st person account who thinks that the supplements are crap or their business tactics stink.

I?m NOT doing a PR for Amway job by asking this question here.
I have a friend who approached me with the concept a few months back. But when I looked it up on the net all I found was ?ve stuff and hence I did not take up distributorship.

However I just found out something a few days ago.
My moms suffering from osteo arthritis (not cause of sports , but cause of old age)
Here MS Ortho recommended some calcium supplemts to ease her pain , which she used for a few months. So she was using this supplement for a few months but it wasn?t that effective.

But then 1 of her friends recommended Amway calcium supp. And she noticed a great deal of improvement in her condition in only 2 weeks. She says the pain went down considerably.

Shes not trying to sell me anything so I can take her word for it. Some of her friends who use the make up stuff also like Amway. And none of them, not my mom or her friends have taken up distributorship.

One thing that the Amway supp contained was a mixture of Calcium and Magnesium.
Its called Calmag. The other supp which her Ortho recommended was only Calcium
So is it that Magnesium was the missing ingredient and if she had taken it from other company it would?ve given her the same kind of +ve effect?

And when everyone says Amway is bad, is it that its as bad as all other supplement companies out there- the ones who sponsor the monthly muscle ad books?err?.muscle mags I mean;)
Or is it something else.

Multi-level marketing sucks because people come to your door and try to convert you…

You come to my door to sell me a distributorship in your Xway and I’m going to bust you in the chops.

You want to use the products or become a seller who doesn’t try to sell to me, knock yourself out.

Anyway, their products are just products, if you know what I mean. Their schtick is this recruiting the world to use and buy Amway thing.

Any MLM scheme can work, but rarely do.

You have to be able to convince a lot of people to either join the business, or buy over-priced, or useless products.

There is always going to be the people at the bottom of the “pyramid” who lose lost of money, and everyone has to start there, hoping they can get more people to start below them, to bring you up.

This guarantees that the majority of the people in the business will lose money, and you have to be pretty good at sales, or conning people to get ahead.

There is potential, but not much.

So correct me if I`m wrong- the only problem with Amway is that it wont sell its products in shops but uses the network marketing concept.
1 things for sure-I went through the list of products and they’re very expensive. Am just looking to see whether they are that effective.

Still, if anyone knows 1st hand anything -ve about the way they make their suplmnts, do post here.

There is a reason its nickname is Scamway.