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Der Untergang.


Brilliant, simply put.

...and is that chick out of breath from narrarating the video?


One often hears of writers that rise and swell with their subject, though it may seem but an ordinary one. How, then, with me, writing of this Leviathan? Unconsciously my chirography expands into placard capitals. Give me a condorâ??s quill! Give me Vesuviusâ?? crater for an inkstand! Friends, hold my arms!

For in the mere act of penning my thoughts of this Leviathan, they weary me, and make me faint with their outreaching comprehensiveness of sweep, as if to include the whole circle of the sciences, and all the generations of whales, and men, and mastodons, past, present, and to come, with all the revolving panoramas of empire on earth, and throughout the whole universe, not excluding its suburbs. Such, and so magnifying, is the virtue of a large and liberal theme! We expand to its bulk.


Thousands of years ago the weak were filtered out by natural selection.

Today the lazy, weak-minded and dumb filter themselves out.

see also www.darwinawards.com


As outrageously disgusting as that quad bypass burger is, I would probably try one. Also, the 'nurses' would probably be happy to see a 'patient' that isn't deathly obese.


Yeah, I'd hit that shit after leg day.


that woman almost had a heart attack tryn aopen the carrots

but i aint gonna lie, i been dieting down for a few weeks, i want one of those damn burgers


Had to turn off the Macaroni salad one after just a few seconds. Man, I got to eat sometime today.


Had to turn off the Macaroni salad one after just a few seconds. Man, I got to eat sometime today.



On a serious note is there a similar place that offers 2lb of healthy burger, because that would be like heaven on earth, though all things considered, the nurses would probably still get my vote, id just order a quadruple bypass and JUST eat the meat, it must be at least 25% meat therefor 4 1/2 burgers = 1/2lb of meat :slightly_smiling:


I still can't get over that quad burger. 8000kcal for $13 (I think that's the price in the background). You could nearly feed a family for one day on that alone.


Disgusting. I'm all about eating unhealthy food every now and then, but coating the buns with lard? HOW THE FUCK does that enhance flavor? Its all two dimensional garbage. Meat, fat, carb, repeat.


I'd say i doubt it really is that much, but then i heard they basically butter every layer with lard.. thats probably half the cals if it really is anywhere near that.. after all 8 slices shit cheese surely still under 1000 cal and the burgers surely no more then 2k for all 4!?


I doubt they cook the fries in seasoned duck fat. It's probably triple filtered pork lard. yawn


i cant wait till this has been posted 10 times!!! Oh wait it has.


The "nurses" are pretty bangable.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it was just regular American cheese.


I like seeing useless crap posted 10 times!

I just can't believe they allow overly obese people eat for free at heart attack grill.


You guys should check out the bodybuilding forum. Happens all the time!