AMRAP on Plus Sets During BBB Challenges?

The original 3 month BBB challenge on T-Nation and in the eBook said DO NOT push the last sets of 5/3/1 work for AMRAP.

In Beyond 5/3/1, the 6 week BBB challenge (p21) is essentially a condensed 3 month challenge, but the it says DO PUSH the work sets. However, on p83 it sill says NOT to go for extra reps. What is the reasoning for AMRAP on the 6 week challange (faster w/ no deloads) but avoiding AMRAP on the 3 month (slower progress w/ 2 deloads)?

Do you still recommend not going AMRAP on the 3 month BBB?

I asked Jim this a while ago and he now recommends pushing the amrap set.

Ah, thank you. Here is that thread: Last Set and Boring But Big - Jim Wendler 5/3/1 Coaching - Forums - T Nation

Sorry for asking something you already answered Jim!

Never ever do “as many reps as possible”. Only go for PR’s. People who don’t want to push for PR’s need to get the competitive gene inserted in their fat asses.