AMRAP Difference

I am new to the 531 program so I am just learning my way.

I have read the 531 book (hard to get in the UK in hard copy, I haven’t found beyond 531 yet)

I notice already that I can go above the prescribed 5 reps in week one by maybe 4 reps but as the weights increase my ability to go beyond is reduced. Maybe only getting 1 or two reps in the x3 and maybe 1 in the x1
Is that normal?
I notice that the calculated weight from the x5 week is always a lot higher than the x1 week.

I came from a 5x5 program to 531 so hitting close to max weights is kinda rusty for me.
Will this improve in time?


Are you using 85-90% of your max “with good form” as your training max? The standard goes that on your 1 week you should be able to hit 5 good reps, if not then you’ve used too high of a training max

Sorry Mcghee I meant 5 reps + 4 extra.
Week 2 3 reps + 1 or two
Week 3 1 rep + 1

Sorry again that wasn’t clear in my post.

on Week 3 with the correct training max, you should be able to do the 1 rep +4 more for a total of five.

If you only get one additional rep like in the example you posted, your training max is not dialed in correctly.

I just checked the log again.
Cycle one, Week three was 3 reps.
So it looks like I have started too heavy.

So I reset the max by -10% and start again?

start off light and progress from there so definitely go back and reduce the weight a bit, trust me you will progress even with the lighter training max.

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Thanks for the tip Mcghee. I’ll recalculate based on the numbers I got in week one.

One of the guys on the forum just posted his last meet numbers. They were all PRs and the TMs he used were WAY lower than his meet numbers.

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The easiest way to reset and know that it is light enough is to just take a weight you recently did for 5 (or more) good reps and make that your training max. That should be about 85% of your 1rm, and ensure that you can get at least 5 at any of the workouts.

Ok I have filled out a spreadsheet fir the new weights and will start with that at the end of this cycle. I might as well finish the last week.
One thing I’m not sure about is the 1rm figure.
I know formulas are used and some are more accurate than others. I have also read not to bother too much about hitting a 1rm.
However I have been wanting to hit a certain number in the three main lifts for a while now, and that’s the reason I started 531. I spent a fair amount of time doing 5x5, and came to realise at my age it was beating the crap out of me, so a change was needed.
I have never “peaked” to hit a 1rm, I haven’t tried a 1rm in a long time and when I see the calculated 1rm It seems difficult to imagine hitting it.
How do I prep to hit a 1rm when the time comes?
Is it normal after so long on 5x5 that the x3 and x1 figures are so much harder to hit?