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Amputee Healings?


I know a lot of people believe in miracles. Like God healing cancer patients because all these people prayed.

But does anyone know why God has never healed any amputees by regrowing their limbs?

OR - is it just God's "mystery" that we lowly humans can't understand?

And I didn't ask about human intervention with prosthetics or lab grown organs. I specifically would like the "believers" to answer - why HASN'T the all-powerful all-loving God regrown someone's missing limb?

Why has he healed the blind, brought dead people back, cured cancer, etc, but never a re-grown limb?


I've never heard of amputee limbs regrowing.
But they do amazing things with prosthetics now.


Because atheists wouldn't have a leg to stand on.


Soon enough they may be able to print someone an arm/leg/etc, check this out if you haven't seen it.


Because there were not many surviving amputees in biblical times? Because no-one has ever prayed for it hard enough? Because there is nothing to heal in an amputee? Maybe their limbs are already waiting in heaven? Maybe god saves only souls, all flesh perishes anyway. Maybe the spare parts department is lagging behind, but they will catch up anytime soon. Maybe the number of limbs allowed to one person is limited? Well, it is true that sometimes in India someone is born with an extra hand or leg, but maybe it is because of the spare parts department.


It wouldn't be faith if all of the answers were staring you in the face.


Looks like were gonna repeat these threads every so often. There is truth to what you say that you probably don't realize. Also, I don't know that He hasn't ever healed amputees. Further, I know of instances where I, the king of skeptics when it comes to this kinda thing, am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that a bona fide supernatural healing has taken place in answer to prayer in the name of Jesus. There is a woman in my church I saw this morning who was blind in her left eye and almost so in her right from diabetes that now has 20/20 vision and is no longer diabetic. As in instantaneous restoration of sight and never a high blood glucose reading since.

Just in the last six months one of the associate pastor's pregnant wife had some complications (don't recall details at the moment) where her blood pressure went sky high and both her and the baby were in danger. Nothing the doctors did was helping. 4 of the senior clergy anointed her forehead with oil and stood against whatever this was and within 30 seconds her blood pressure began dropping and after a couple a minutes it was normal. She is still today on the Beaumont Hospital TV commercial (though she only appears as they are describing they're wonderful doctors).

I already gave this testimony in the last thread identical to this one. I found it, here's some quotes from there to save me some typing. 07-12-2010

Same day:


I might speculate something similar to the post form kaaleppi-that there is nothing to heal.

Cancer, blindness, and other healings may be about REMOVING the effects of the fallen cosmos from the human flesh, but a removed limb has nothing fallen to be removed.

I am not trying to defend miracles, just thinking about similarities.

I have known individuals who had fingers completely cut off, and re-sown who regained function and sensation in those fingers.

Here are some of the healing miracles I have experienced, and I am not describing these to inspire faith, just to see if there are any similarities. I also do not pretend that there is no earthly explanation.

I knew one man who had an MRI that showed several tumors of the peritonial cavity. He was annointed with holy oil "unction" before surgery and when the doctors opened him up they couldn't find anything. They actually were very afraid that they would be sued for the "unnecessary" surgery.

I knew one woman who had tried to conceive for 3 years, and was told that because of ovarian tumors she physically could not. She was recommended to try in-vitro fertilization, but when she found that they destroy most of the embreyos, she told them that she could not kill all of those children to have one. The annointing service was done with a special prayer to the mother of God, and she got pregnant within a month, and went on to have 3 children-explainable, but the miracle being that it happened immediately. Also, one year later another woman heard about the first one, this woman who had also been told she could "never" conceive naturally, and after the same process, she became pregnant within a month, and then a third woman about one year after that. All three told that they could "never" conceive, and all three conceiving within the first month.




Miracle: An event that occurs without any known, natural cause.

Miracles dont occur any more (that is my opinion). They were meant for the validation of Gods Word, (to prove that who he sent was really from God). After the New Testament was completed (and therefore God`s need for miracles), they ceased.

Now, at the time when they were occurring, limbs were regenerated, such as when Peter cut of the servant of the high priest`s ear, and Jesus healed it.

But they no longer occur.

That doesnt mean that God doesnt work in his creation today. Quite the contrary. He does heal the sick, but through natural means. So When someone prays for a loved one to be healed of cancer, and after months and months of chemo is finally healed, then yes, chemo did get rid of it. But God made sure that it was successful and that the cancer did not return.

See the difference?


The prince of profundity dazzles us yet again.


It makes some sense that there would be a change. Since the people of God are now supposed to have died to the world and reborn in Christ, healing of the physical fallen body seems trivial.


Here's a perfect illustration of unity in protestantism. My man forbes here and I completely disagree on this. but do consider each other brothers in spite of how wrong he is =]


Yes brother Tirib, and I will always disagree despite how wrong you are too :wink:


this arguement "why hasnt god regenerated limbs?" is popping up in the humanist coffee house slums a lot lately. I have probably heard this arguement 3 dozen times in the last 4 or 5 months. Just interesting how a group can latch on to something, and how fast it propagates the world over.

they generally bait the christian - what would it take to make you not believe in god.
the christian responds "nothing" as if to admit a stalemate
the humanist says well if christians started regenerating limbs i would definitely start believing in god . . .

pretty ridiculous really


How is this ridiculous exactly?


Paramedic: We're going to have to amputate your arms.

Homer Simpson: They'll grow back right?


The answer is simple.

Miracles such as the curing of a typically fatal disease can occur without gods intervention. Millions of people get such diseases & a significant proportion of these people will pray to be cured. The laws of probability dictate that a significant proportion of these people will be cured (eg one in ten thousand people may have an immune system that is very efficient at fighting off a certain kind of cancer). We then end up with a significant number of people who prayed to be cured & actually end up getting miraculously cured.

The case of a limb being re-grown is an example of a miracle that physically can't occur without gods intervention. There are no doubt plenty of amputees who have prayed for their limb to grow back, however unlike a cured cancer patient, god would actually have to exist for their prayers to be answered.


Yeah well, the real question is "Why does God love salamander more than us?" anyway.


You still have the greatest avatar ever LOL!!! Cracks me up!!!!