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Ampules Too Full

Im having trouble with my ampules. Im running test e at 250mg twice per week. The amps are 250mg/ml. They are very viscous, when I crack the amp a significant portion remains in the cap it wont run down. Does anyone know how to get the oil into the amp? I was thinking hot water but im not sure. Thanks for your help

flick the top until it goes down. im a little unsure if you should be playing with needles

It doesnt do shit to flick it. its extremely viscous. it took 5+ minutes to draw into a 23g needle. If I put it standing up the oil doesnt move at all.

wrap the amp in a heating pad for 5 min. then lay amp down on its side and pick it up and hold it at an angle so the oil will drain to the bottom. if you hold it straight up and down the oil will not move.

Hot water, flick until oil moves to bottom of amp. Keep amps stored upright to prevent this again. Not that big of a problem.

thanks a lot fellas much appreciated

If any oil remains in the cap after flicking it, just draw the oil out of the cap with the needle.