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Ampules - Never Getting a Clean Cut

Hi there,
I have been using Sustanon for the last few weeks and every time I crack open the ampule, as directed, I never get a clean cut line as in the demos. It is always a bit jagged, on the part of the neck away from the blue dot (Where my two index fingers are, if that makes sense).

I never thought this mattered but then suddenly got to thinking glass might be going into the vial. I have not been able to get the proper size with filters but have been withdrawing with a 23g needle in the hope that this works as a filter replacement. Am i just being paranoid? Obviously if it shattered this would be a no-brainer.

I’ve never used a sustanon ampule but I used to break ampules regularly in my old job. Sometimes we had to score the neck with a small file to get a clean break. That may help you. Also use a paper towel to hold the ampule when you break it.

I don’t think you are paranoid and I share the same concerns. I used to work with ampules too that I received from overseas suppliers. Also, the process of breaking the vial with your fingers seems to me to be more susceptible to contamination than pulling fluid out of a stoppered vial. Before I got my script for HCG. I also cut myself a couple time before I improved my technique.

Regarding sterility and protection of your fingers, one technique I employed was to swab the ampule down completely with alcohol and then use the wipe to shield my fingers when I did the break.

Is there a good reason ampoules are still used? Seems the sterile vial kicks the ampoules’ ass in every way?

That’s all there is in a lot of places. I’m sure it’s cheaper to produce. That’s what all there is on Latin America as far as I’ve seen. It’s really not a big deal, plenty of things come in this form and have for a very long time. I backfill, so that process helps strain possible glass particles by itself. Filters exist, but it’s really not a serious concern.

Yeah I’m sure it’s just cheaper… if manufacturing capacity already exists to make it then they’re going to keep making it as long as people are buying it.

I had the same issue so I simply used an ampoule opener. Those things work great, should solve all your problems

I have the same experience with my sustanon and Im pretty sure it is different brand than yours! Yep just some ampules are lower quality, also the form is like it is harder to get a clean cut.
On the other hand when I injected enenthate the clean cut was very easy.
But at the end screw it, no matter the cut if you have big enough drawing needle you can get all the oil with no problem. I use really big needle for that, maybe 18 or something like that. Here it is just a blue needle

I swap the ampule completely and break it trough the swab

Wrap your hands in a towel, t-shirt, whatever. It’s an explosive snap, but it will break along the line. You have a filter on your needle. You’re not going to inject glass. But they do make ampoules openers, maybe grab one of those. Good luck.

Some ampules are more difficult to open than others. I’ve only cut myself once, but I wrap my fingers in paper just in case.