Ample Rest Time?

I’ve been lifting at least 3 times a week consistently for about two months now and recently began going 4 times a week. Strength and all around athletic ability is my primary goal (any muscle mass that comes along with that will be welcomed as well). Right now I’m trying to focus on bringing up my squat, which is embarrassingly low. I’m 22, 5’10", 180-185 lbs., and in good shape if that matters.

Friday I did a max effort lower body workout (like WS4SB) that consisted of squats, Romanian deadlifts, and Bulgarian split squats. I know it’s not exactly much of a rest period and I know you grow out of the gym, but would it hurt to do another lower body workout Sunday? Could I do max squats again or should I do more of a dynamic effort workout that includes some box jumps? My university gym gets really crowded on the weekdays and it only has one squat rack, so I try to do all my lower body stuff on Fri-Sun.


You just did a max effort lower body on Saturday and you want to know if you have had enough rest to do lower body again sunday?

I may have misread what you are asking, but please do use a little bit of common sense.

Dont attempt to retrain the same muscle groups again the next day. It just doesnt make sense.

Doing ME lower body on Friday and then doing another lower body session on Sunday should be fine. I’d avoid doing ME again though.

If you are planning on doing athletic movements like sprints and jumps you’ll probably want to do a bit longer warm-up than you would if you were fresh. You’d probably need to make some volume and loading adjustments as well, adjusting for whatever state you’re in when Sunday comes.
So you can do it, it won’t be perfect, but it will definately work if you think about it and adjust things.

No LillGuy, I’d have 48 hours rest.

smokotime, thanks for the help.