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Ample Reason to Read T-mag

Rick Bravo,

I hope you are kidding. A very small percentage is genetic but certainly not the sheer numbers of obese people we have reached today. I work with obese people and anyone involved in the medical field knows that it is lack of discipline and just plain complacency. Everyone wants to get to heaven but no one wants to die. Takes some sacrifice. Unfortunately, the obese and overweight raise your health insurance premiums, health care costs and place an unbelievable burden on the health care system as a whole.

To blame everything on Genetics is a cop out. True there are genetic predisposition to obesity, intelligence and probably can make a case for sexual preference, pedophilia, etc. Is everyone a victim and should molesters be excused because it might be genetic…I think not. An extreme example, I know, but you get my drift. Everyone must be responsible for their own actions especially when it begins to affect others.

I know you guys in Switzerland don’t have the problem that we have here so is it that the Swiss have better genes??Maybe for making cheese, chocolates and watches.

I yield back the balance of my time.

You’re right, I was kidding, good post though! Right now I’m in Italy, the folks I’m living with eat Biscotti and yogurt every morning for breakfast, pizza all day, and a big plate of pasta and wine before they go to bed, and the biatches here are all fine as hell. What is going on I don’t know. Maybe it’s all the espresso and ciggarettes…

I am an asshole…

but it’s genetic so I can’t do anything about it.


Seriously, I almost want to harrass the people at EliteFTS to sell some West Side mumus…

anyone see the leg lifters in the travel section? OMG…people really cant get their legs into the car? Sad world…

I agree, tigerboo. But imagine if each of your legs weighed like 250 lbs. I guess it would help to have some kind of pathetic canvas strap, or whatever it is that those purveyors of evil are selling. “Make Your World Fit You” indeed. I also like “Crunch All You Want, We’ll Make More…” and “Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop…”. Are we fucking lemmings? How mindless and weak has our society become that we need a TV to tell us what to do? Oh, except for the girls they find to do the voice-overs for ice cream and cake commercials. Has anybody actually just listened to the way that they describe how it would be “so good, mmmm… just indulge yourself…” Man, if they ever got those chicks to do phone sex… Hey! I just had one of those million-dollar making ideas! Screw this lame-ass lab tech job, I’m gonna get a bunch of those commercial girls and a couple of phone lines, and pimp 'em out!! Five bucks a minute, here I come! Woo Hoo!!

They should take up sumo wrestling. The top dog (yakazuma) has a special assistant whose job is to hose out his ass after taking a crap. The ordinary sumo wrestlers have to do it themselves.

Oh dear. That is sad. I don’t understand how people get to that point and why they accept it.

That website was disturbing.