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Ample Reason to Read T-mag

… and apply what you learn.

I’m putting this in the “Looking Good Naked” forum as a motivational tool.

Check it out: www.amplestuff.com

Click on “products”.

what they need to sell in the travel section is bigger airplane seats. It sucks being squished between two fat people in an airplane without having any room to move.

OH MY GOD a 1000 lb. digital scale with an extra wide platform!!

Haha gotta love the reaching tools. A fucking sock “installer?”

Holy crap!!! 100" waist size measurements for fanny packs.

“You shouldn’t have to be slender to wear a fanny pack”

reeshdawg, you could buy their X-Large Shoe Horn to help wedge you in between the two wide-bodies…

I gotta get that “sock installer”.

Hell, that’d be fun.

Very sad! I once was ery fat, and I would have been embarrassed to buy something like that and use it. Hell I was embarrassed about being fat, thats why I am not anymore.

I ordered a copy of the naked fat chicks book and the guide on how to clean between my folds and avoid chafing. And a leg lifter to help me into my car and bed. When Chrismas comes I’m getting a sock installer.

Yikes Man !!!

Talk about motivation…

Man…i dont know if thats incredibly funny or sad

One day I was sitting at home, after going to the grocery store and I saw a pretty overweight dude in one of those electronic wheelchair things, I thought to myself that if i took a rope and offered the guy to pull him around and do rows on each aisle in the grocery store. A grocery store has about 10 to 15 aisles, it would be one hell of a workout.
Aisle 1,3,5,7,9 Leg Pull
Aisle 2,4,6,8,10 Rows
cardio: unload the groceries out of the cart as fast as you can to register,I’m thinking about 15 or 20 minutes unloading all the bags of chips, ice cream and oreos.

my god! i never thought of it, but I guess it’s true. some people can be so obese that they cannot wipe their own ass or bathe properly. I don’t get it. if my jeans fit a little tight that is enough for me to lose weight. How the hell does it get that far?
It’s not like they planned to be this big. who says to themselves growing up, gee i would like to be so obese one day, that i can’t even wipe my own ass.
obesity, in my opinion, is a disease, just like alcoholism. this web page proves it.

I was looking forward to my pre-bed cottage cheese meal…until I looked at that website. Uggghhhh!

Thanks for the nausea, Chris. Now, how the hell did you get a hold of that webpage link?


At first when I got to the page I was having a pretty good laugh. In fact, some of the gadgets were so damn funny I thought it was a joke.

Then I went to the “company” page to see what they were all about. Instead of laughing, now I was fully pissed off. See the motto “making your world fit you”. What the??? Not only are they fat, but they’re spreading the notion that it’s okay to be obese. That is no longer funny shit. People (including some of our family and friends) are getting fatter and less healthy by the day and groups like these are supporting them and making it seem like everything is fine and dandy. Shit…sorry for the rant. I’m just pissed!

You know, if they sold mumus, I would so fuck T-mag just to be in style.

Good thing they don’t sell them!

Kinetix is right. I see these corpulent folks in my job at the Hospital here, and they have no shame. They don’t care about how they are destroying themselves and dragging the rest of us down with them by burdening our healthcare system with their acquired diabetes, congestive heart failure, etc. The plain and simple truth is that for 99% of them, their condition is completely preventable by pushing themselves away from the table and eating a fucking salad once in a while.

It’s not their fault, it’s genetics! You guys are all assholes.

Shit like this gets me mad:

Nancy says, “I was upset when I realized that I couldn’t reach every part of my body, but we did some research and found the Ample-Sponge. We also learned that many people of all sizes have reach problems, and that it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You just need the right tools.”

For fucks sake lose weight you fat cow and then you won’t have to buy a rag on a stick. Nothing to be embarassed about, yes it bloody is.

Thank you so much for this link. I am now going to leave T-mag, and buy their fitness books. The “Health Risks of Weight Loss” book is gong to be my first purchase.