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amphetamines and ephedrine products

I see some of you guys are taking about ephedrine products.
What are the differancess between this drug and amphetamines?

Amphetamines are much, much more powerful, not to mention illegal as hell.
The ECA stack is, at best, “St. Joseph’s Baby Speed”
More important, however, are the differences in the goals of people using the respectives compounds. People take methamphetamines to get fucked up. You could not possibly do a decent workout after a snootful of good old “dixie crystal”. In fact, I find the speedy feeling I get from most ephedrine based products to be a problem. It makes it difficult to focus.
We take the ECA stack to burn fat. If you take enough Ephedrine to get an apprecciable buzz, you will probably get sick to your stomach.
Different people react differently to these componds. I think based on what I hear from others, that I am fairly sensitive to them. I find it best to take a single MD-6 about 30 minutes before a workout. If I am dieting, 1 upon rising, 1 about 10AM, and 1 at luch are all I can do and still get to sleep. Also, MD-6 is the only one I have tried that really seems to supress the appetite.

Amphetamines are illegal, are addictive, cause brain
damage (primarily to dopamine producing cells - thus
many former amphetamine abusers get parkinsons disease),
and can cause paranoia in many people. Ephedrine has
none of these effects. Both will suppress appetite,
increase metabolic rate, and give you a buzz (although
amphetamines will be much stronger in each of these).