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Although I like MD6 for fat loss I prefer a little more kick preworkout. Any suggestions other than plain ol’ ephedrine.

“Jack Yo Ass Up”, issue #103 of T-mag.

I just finished a month long cycle of six caps of MD6/day divided into three doses. With the 1st and 2nd doses I took 1500mg of yohimbie. Worked out quite well. I am very tolerant to ephedrine based supps. so I handled it pretty well. One drawback was that I could not perform cardio at my usual intensity due to the added yohimbie. I just cut the intensity back and ran longer.

Try this one before your next squat workout. Mix 2 scoops Ultimate Orange, 1 can of Diet Mountain Dew, and 10-12 ounces of Grapefruit juice 15-30 minutes before your workout. I read this suggestion in an article by the late Dan Duchaine a few years back. Get ready for blastoff!!

heard something about nicotine gum. Never tried it.

Mountain Dew…Stop trying to give the guy diabetes

Umm, he said diet dew.

Has anyone tried Powerdrive WITH a shot of Ultimate Orange?

How about some Cocaine. I heard that will give you a lift. MD6 wires me, perhaps I am just extra sensitive to it.

try tyrosine. It’s a sleeper supplement. when I hit a plateu or want more focus i take 25mg ephedrine, 400mg caffiene, an aspirin and 4 neurogain tabs. I haven’t tried powerdrive (biotests version), but its pretty much the same stuff. you’ll rage in the gym.

This is a variation on a previous suggestion: Recommended dose ultimate orange,powerdrive,ribose-c,and orange ultra-fuel. BOO-YOW!

Duchaine’s stack (recommended by Sig earlier) is great stuff. Add some cayenne to it and you’ll be rockin’ the house!