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AMP Citrate aka DMBA and DMAA

Have any of ya’ll been following the statuses of these two?

I know the FDA has recently sent out nasty letters to supp companies containing AMP Citrate so unless there’s counter suits I give it 60 days or less until it’s pulled, at least temporarily.

I also hear some companies are proceeding to go ahead and sell DMAA basically to start a fight with the FDA so they can continue to sell those products long term.

Also, does anyone know if there will be a new substitute on the horizon and what that might be?

I really hope these can stay on the market. Nothing else has given me smoother, cleaner energy and mental focus and I’ve tried a few things.

Still, for raw energy I do like the Spike line here on this site a lot.

Edit: Out of respect for Biotest and T-Nation and so this thread doesn’t disappear, please don’t mention non Biotest products.

The question would be, do you mean naturally occurring substance, or designer drug?

If designer drug, as “AMP citrate” or more correctly 1,3-dimethylbutylamine is (I find no credible evidence of it being naturally occurring) then there are multiple choices none of which are legal.

If naturally occurring, there is so far as I know nothing in the amphetamine-like category that both exists naturally and isn’t already banned, but there are some excellent natural stimulants that aren’t yet on the market.

Yeah, the designer drugs. Allegedly found in natural sources if you believe the supp companies but that seems to be a little sketchy.

What are the natural stimulants you’re talking about?

Edit: By designer stims, I mean like the next that will come out that will be legal for a few months until it gets banned like DMAA and soon to be DMBA.

I don’t know what the next designer stims might be. The people that do this do not constrain themselves with any requirements that could narrow it down for me such as legality or safety. Pretty much the only thing is the Controlled Substances Act, and even there there’s been at least one distributor who had been offering a Schedule IV substance (lorcaresin.) So it’s pretty wide open.

Sometimes it’s guessable though, such as that they could think “Well dimethylamylamine isn’t being allowed anymore, so let’s try dimethylbutylamine” (so-called “AMP citrate.”)

What are these good natural stimulants that aren’t out yet that you mentioned? You’ve really piqued my interest there.

Well, there are many things involved. What I meant above was only that that it’s not the case that everything is tapped out and there will be nothing that’s new, legal, and safe.