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Amp Broke While Heating in Water


Hi guys!

I always put my amp(s) in a hot water before drawing the in to the syringe and injecting them.

Today as usual, I warmed the oil (Test-E), broke the amps neck, noticed that the glass broke really easily. I didnt notice anything yet, but I draw it in the syringe and noticed there were only 0,7ml of stuff inside. So I didnt realize anything yet, injected it. But then I looked in to the cup where I warmed it.

There was some oil on the water. It was either broken before heating it or it broke in the cup full of hot water. Strange thing is that I didn't see it was broken, there must have been a tiny hole or puncture on the amp..

Should I be worried about some infection or something? I used tap water and put it in a regular coffee mug. I think I didn't inject any water at all, I didn't notice any settling issues in the amp.

Am I good or should I start to worry about getting an infection :smiley:

Sorry this might be a stupid question but Im overcautious about these kinda things.



I guess you'll know soon enough..if you start to get any symptoms get to the hospital ASAP


As someone who is not a doctor: You should only worry about an infection when the signs of infection are present (heat, redness, pitting edema, etc.)

I, personally, would not worry until such signs were present.

That being said, if you think you might have an infection, talk to a doc.


I actually have antibiotics right now for something else but I'll wait and see if I see any symptoms of an infection. I'll hope the best. The tap water is drinkable here so I know there is not that many bacteria in it. But yeah it doesnt belong in to my muscle ;D


Was it the most sanitary thing? No. Will you get an infection? Not likely.

That being said injections can cause infections regardless, so as previously stated if the symptoms of an infection develop then consult a physician as normal.


Yeah thanks guys for the peace of mind :slight_smile: I kinda realised that most likely I wont get an infection.. But yeah this helps me, thanks :smiley:


I wouldn't trip until there's reason to, you'll know within a week. Abscesses are really kind of a freak thing, they can happen even when perfect injection technique is used. We are all at (minute) risk.

Just know the warning signs...redness, tenderness, swelling, and especially skin that's warm or hot to the touch. If you start to notice these things, get it checked out pronto.

Know that abscesses don't generally respond to antibiotics alone; they have to be drained or surgically opened.


People inject all sorts of dirty shit into their body just to get a buzz and never think twice about it. In my oppinion I don't think the steroid user has much to worry about. The risk is there but its fairly minor