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AMP Amplified N.O. Loaded

So I am fairly new to bodybuilding and have posted a couple things in the forums…but this is my most exciting by far…

My friend and I have been hitting the gym hard for about 3 months now…I have made decent gains, with my (scale) weight starting at 162 to my current 173…nothing to write home about but enough that people around me are starting to notice, which is nice…

My question/comment i guess is this…

I took this N.O. Loaded from GNC for the first time last night and omfg…I was bouncing around the gym like i just drank 4 cups of coffee…I was working so much harder through my workout it almost felt unnatural…

Is this normal?? I know this stuff is supposed to give you a boost but damn…not to mention i worked last so i didnt get to the gym till about 9, which means after working out and getting home…i couldn’t fall asleep till about 1 because of the stuff…(this wont be a problem in the future as i work out at 6 usually but still…is this stuff supposed to have this much affect?

don’t get me wrong i loved every minute of it…i just remember scenes form movies where the guy something and he turns into a beast, but then his heart explodes…lol

It’s loaded with caffeine, approximately 400mg/scoop. Hence, the “bouncing around the gym like I just drank 4 cups of coffee”. I would save you money for food of just drink some sort of energy drink before your workout. It’s going to be cheaper than GNC.

ahh, the one thing i didn’t look at, is this the case with all N.O. supps?

[quote]synbin24 wrote:
ahh, the one thing i didn’t look at, is this the case with all N.O. supps?[/quote]

A very good portion of them…

thanks man…i guess you are right…duh

[quote]synbin24 wrote:
thanks man…i guess you are right…duh[/quote]

Your welcome.