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Amounts of hGH Used in This Study?

I have many questions regarding hGH.

First this study:


To me it seems that the amount used is approx 1.4 IU of GH ( “Initial daily GH dose (mean, 14 µg per kg of body weight,” and 1 mg==2.7 IU for GH).

Most online “real-world” tips indicate that you’d have to take at least 4 IU’s.

Now the mean age in that study 69 years, doesn’t give the mean body weight but I’m sure that’s a lower dose than what an average male weighing 175 lbs taking 4 IU’s.

Just wondering if anyone can comment on the dosing used in that study and how it scales to a 40 year old man who weighs 220 lbs whose shifted to the endo-mesomorph phsyique in the past 5 years.

2nd question is actually a predicament:

I have never taken GH, but have taken steroids in the past between my mid-twenties to early 30’s and basically just stuck to Testosterone (1 gram a week for 6-8 weeks, 6 months off, then on) my last 4 cycles as it worked great for my needs (strength, power, size).

My last cycle was almost 7 years ago.

I’m turning 40 soon and in the last 4.5 years my mental and physical capacity has degraded so much that I’m thinking of getting on testosterone and hopefully trying hGH.

Additionally I tore my left pectoralis major muscle 4.5 years ago doing BJJ and only now have i finally got a doctor competent enough to have me see a surgeon to repair it.

That injury seriously affected my Bench press, shoulder press, martial arts (BJJ, throws and takedowns in wrestling and GPP for martial arts training)and has caused all sorts of weird little aches and pains to appear on the upper left side of my body (neck, shoulder, upper back) presumably because of muscle imbalance and compensation.

Wondering if hGH and test would help the recovery after surgery. And if it’s possible to even get back just 10 years of muscle strength and endurance after the recovery process.

And if someone could point a quality post regarding gh - personal experience/dose/gains/side effects that jibe with what other individuals “real-world” experience I’d appreciate it.

Before getting into steroids i researched it thoroughly beforehand. I plan to do the same with gh before i make my decision.

Thanks in advance.