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Amounts of Anastrozole?


With taking sustan 300 e3d how much arimidex should be taken? I noticed crazy bloating over the course of 1 week when I cut it to 1/2mg a day. Now i do about a mg a day but sometimes I wonder if that is too much because of stopping almost all aromitization? Well if someone knowledgeable could help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Also my reason for concern is because I have a job which I can't let anyone notice all the bloating in my face and neck from week to week!


At just over 600mg/week I would think that .25mg/day adex should be fine, .5mg/day would be a little on the high end. If your main concern is bloating then make sure your diet is in check. What you eat will have just as much an effect on bloating as the gear you take.


I read that in a study, .25 mg ED lowed estrogen by 75%, while 1 mg ED lowered it by 78%. That suggests to me that higher doses won't reduce your estrogen by too much, but that taking more than .25 mg ED may not be helpful either.

Letrozole, on the other hand, has been shown to suppress 98% of estrogen, even at it's recommended dose. So I suppose that's an option if you need something stronger.


2thepain i know my diet has a lot to do with it that's why lately i have watched my sodium intake so I can stop some retention


If your diet isn't in check your going to bloat just like 2Pain said. You shouldn't need more than .5mg/day Instead of the letro I would just tweak your diet. Dropping the sodium is a start


He wasn't just talking about sodium, he was talking about stuffing yourself full of carbohydrates. Sodium isn't of your highest concerns.

You should be taking in plenty of water as well. Emphasis on 'plenty.'