Amount To Eat Before Bed

Is there any rule of thumb about how much is okay to eat calorie-wise before bed? Like what % of your daily calories? I have a tendancy to “save” food and then at the end of the day have almost 500 calories left to eat, but I fear that is far too much to eat before bed…my total calories are around 2000 right now.

eat what you need for your goals be it 100-1200 calories.


Better have a larger breakfast (like 500kcal) and spread 4 more equal meals for the day of like 300kcal, eat your last 200-300 coming from just quality slow protein like cottage or even caseine powder and good fats - fish/flax oil etc… Your metabolism will be better - and that will contribute to your goals whatever they are.
But anyway - if you have left 500kcal in the end of the day - better to eat them before bed then to drop them…