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Amount of True Rest Needed?

Back story.

I do a Doggcrapp inspired routine(M-W-F) but not 100% true DC. On Tu-Thurs I do much hated cardio. I want to add a GPP day on Sat. and I’m considering skipping the Tu-Thurs cardio in favor on a walk every day.

So my question is two fold, first what is everyones opinion on how many days(if any)that you need to be 100% rest days in a given week. Secondly what options would you suggest for recovery work on the Tu-Thurs between lifting days?

I think I am not making the most of my time and work capacity which is why I ask.

And the usual answer is - it depends. On how much work you’re doing on lifting days. And on how you work the conditioning/GPP in. Slow buildup of work capacity is best. 1 or sets or rounds of something and build it up week by week incrementally.

I have no patience and always do too much on recovery days when I try to add stuff. I can see the sense of it, but can’t take my own advice. I always end up paying for it by damaging my lifts with fatigue.

My current routine is flexible in that certain lifts are not tied to any particular day of the week. I just do a back and forth between two routines right now with a day between them. If I get overdone, I’ll just take an extra rest day or do a deload cycle or two if needed.

On my previous program, which I see myself gravitating back to, there was no way I was going to do anything on non-lifting days. The previous day’s volume demanded complete rest.

I like:

Light barbell complexes
Kettlebell swings
Sled pulling (when I had access to one those two whole weeks…)
Jump rope
Hill sprints
Goosing female joggers and running like hell