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Amount of Time Between Bulking & Cutting


ive been bulking for 2 months now and put on about 22 lbs all my lifts have increased quite alot and fat gain hasn't been bad im about 15% now.
should i wait a while before switching diet or is it ok to switch straight away .


If you are still getting good results that you are happy with, why on God's green would you stop doing something that is working after only 8 weeks?

I've had farts last longer than 8 weeks.


traditional advice is some time at maintenance to "harden". At least 2 weeks.


me d lift n squat have stalled but all me other lifts are still going up .
i know this sounds strange but i really have a hard time eating ( ive been gaining on 3000 cals a day ) .


You've only been doing if for 8 weeks, that is why it is still hard, lol.

Try getting some cals in with liquids. (3000 isn't that much, my "bulking" breakfast was like 1,200 in and of itself.)

While important, Deads & Squats are not the only lifts that matter either.


I'm truly sorry for your loved ones.



Damn I'm jealous. Farts are basically ass orgasms.


I'd agree with this statement. If you diet for two weeks, you're T-levels will remain high for the duration. You can use these 'mini-cuts' every 6-8 weeks to keep everything in check.


i started about 5 years ago at 135lbs squatin 66lbs . now im about 175 and evan though im only sqautin 220 for 5 im happy with my progress all be it slow . i would have probably been alot bigger in that time if i could eat like some of you guys and stay on a longer bulk.
every time ive started a bulkin phase ive sworn to myself i will bulk for longer but it gets to the point where after 2 months when i get up in the morning im dreading eating and come the evening the thought of eatin makes me wanna gag ! how fuckin sad is that .
thats why ive been doin these mini bulks , mini cuts , ( 2 month bulk , 2 month cut ).


ive always just switched my diet slowly from bulkin to cuttin without any time in between.
whan cuttin i keep my trainin ( weights )the same just drop a set or 2 as my strengh drops.
just wandered what some of you more experienced and knowlageble guys thought .
thanks for all the input so far .