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Amount of Sets Per Body Part


I'm 18 years old and hoping to compete in the next couple years and what would be the approximate number of sets per body part for someone as young as me.
Here is some brief info about me:
Body fat-11%


236lbs at 11% bodyfat? You seem to have it figured out.


lol @ the 18yo with the 365bench and 435 squat asking how many sets.


I think that if you do 12 sets per bodypart you can have a 400 bench, 500 squat, and be 250 lbs with 10% bodyfat in no time, no go on and crush 'em!!!


I was going to basically say exactly this^^


12-15 working sets since everybody is exact carbon copys of each other. No more, no less. And please get a vid of these lifts.


I want to see pics of this kid.

beastly stats


The comeback of Kai Greene.


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Admittedly, I did think I was logged into bitch-ass-hoes-4-u.com


365 bench and 415 deadlift - i call bullshit. If you can bench that much, you need a big-ass back. Even with shitty technique you'd still be able to deadlift 500+. Get your story straight brah! Oh, and we need a shoe so we cna judge the lagging bodyparts...and subsequent sets numbers.


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I believe him. you should do 8 sets for bicepts, 12 sets for tricepts, 10.5 sets for abts, 1 set for legs, .25 sets for back, and 1,000,000 set for chesticlets. you are probably squatting too low if you can oly squat 30 lbs more than you can deadlift


For all you arrogant people commenting on this picture i will post pictures and for those who call bullshit on my stats i can take a picture of that also if it will help you sleep at night. lemonman456 my squat in fact is to low but that is how i always have been taught and i had a knee problem about 12 weeks ago so now i go slightly higher, i aim to touch my hamstrings to my calves (a little below parallel).

I just love how people automatically judge and assume things without giving one a chance. I've worked my ass of for something i love...something so hard to understand? If your really interested on how i got these stats then ill tell you, i was an all American high school linebacker who ended up getting 2 concussions and 2 brain damages his senior year. I focused mainly on strength training at the time and explosiveness.

My strength coach was Mark R. Kerr 2 time drug free worlds strongest man and 5 time world power lifting champion and after my concussions he continued to train me since football was over for me. Now im being trained by an ex bodybuilder at my gym but the reason for my post was so many people tell me im overworking when i do 16 sets for legs chest and back and 14 sets for shoulders and 12 sets for bis/tris but its how ive seen must of my results but im also young with great genetics where i can recover quickly. I was simply wanting an opinion.

Pics coming within the next few days..


with all of those people training you/working with you why would you care about what random people on the internet think? If your stats are legit (I'm not saying they're not) then you have obviously found what works for you. If you're making progress with 16 sets for chest and you arent having trouble recovering then why do less/more just cause someone said so?

It seems like you have things under control and have some very knowledgable people in your corner. Stick with them and keep doing what you're doing.

Also, sorry about the concussions and losing out on football... That sucks man.


u mad?


I don't necessarily agree with this.

A huge deadlift isn't a requirement or necessary for a big bench.


... yet I care what random otherwise unaccomplished anonymous people on an open bodybuilding think.

Man, if I had this kind of personal access to what sounds like a plethora of real experience and accomplishments, I probably wouldn't even log in here.

Well, maybe once in awhile to see HolyMac type "MMF".